About Tap Dance Classes at our Studio

Discover the infectious beat and rhythmic joy of tap dancing at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance. Our tap classes are a gateway to exploring the vibrant world of percussive dance, where your feet become instruments that create melodies through intricate footwork. Led by world-class instructors who are not only passionate tappers but also exceptional educators, these classes cater to all levels. Our student range from beginners taking their first shuffle step to experienced tappers perfecting their time steps. Amidst the laughter and syncopated rhythms, students not only master the techniques of tap but also develop a profound appreciation for the art’s unique blend of movement and music.

Tap dance classes at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance go beyond teaching mere steps – they’re also about weaving stories through the art of tapping. The conservatory believes in nurturing individuality, while allowing each student to add their own flair to the dance form. With an emphasis on fostering creativity and confidence, our tap classes provide a platform to explore various rhythmic patterns and also styles. As you connect with fellow tappers and immerse yourself in the world of syncopation, you’ll not only gain proficiency in tap dancing, but also cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the way movement and rhythm intertwine.

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Students 17 and younger must take a free placement class

Try before you buy! Experience one of our classes first-hand before enrolling in classes. Adults may sign up for a free-trial class. Youth students must take a free placement class before enrolling.

What Community Says

  • Wonderful school and program at CCD! The teachers and staff here have created such an amazing environment for the kids to learn and grow. The focus on not only dance but wellness and character have created such a great foundation for our kids that goes far beyond the dance studio.

    Hmong ★★★★★

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Tap Dance Classes at Colorado Conservatory of Dance

For Children & Primary Students

Children’s tap and Primary tap classes are vibrant classes which focuses on musicality, coordination, and also dynamics.

For Intermediate Students

Students taking Intermediate Tap focus on rhythm creation, dynamics, coordination, and also history.

For Advanced Students

CCD’s advanced student tap classes will transition dancers from the fundamentals of tap technique and rhythm to a solid, intermediate/advanced tap vocabulary. Additionally, dancers will learn the basics of tap improvisation.

For Adult Students

Our adult tap classes are for those ages 18+. From beginning to advanced levels, CCD offers a wide range of tap dance classes to fit a busy schedule. Enroll in unlimited classes, or sign up for our flexible classes one at a time. We offer a variety of classes and times to fit your schedule. Our adult program runs year-round beginning mid-August with breaks for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

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