About Contemporary Dance Classes at our Studio

Step into the world of innovation and self-expression with contemporary dance classes at the CCD. Our classes offer a fusion of fluidity, emotion, and unconventional movement, inviting dancers to explore new dimensions of artistry. Our dedicated instructors are both skilled performers and nurturing guides. These classes provide a space for dancers to embrace their individuality and experiment with movement. Through thought-provoking choreography and music, students not only refine their technique but also uncover the power of their own storytelling through dance.

The Conservatory’s nurturing environment encourages individuality, providing dancers the freedom to infuse their routines with their personal style and emotions. With a focus on technique, versatility, and improvisation, contemporary classes offer a comprehensive training ground that hones both skill and artistic expression. Dancers are not only taught how to move but also how to connect with their inner selves, their fellow dancers, and their audience.

Creativity, Movement, Emotion

In the heart of each contemporary routine lies a unique blend of creativity and authenticity. Dancers learn to channel their emotions into movement. This allows the audience to connect with the raw and genuine essence of the performance. Through contemporary classes, dancers embark on a transformative journey that shapes not only their dance skills but also their outlook on movement and expression.

Our contemporary dance classes transcend traditional boundaries, allowing dancers to push the limits of movement and emotion. We focus on fostering deep connections between body and feeling, enabling dancers to convey their inner narratives through movement. With a balance of structured training and creative exploration, our contemporary classes empower dancers to develop a distinctive style. CCD provides a platform to explore contemporary dance.

What Community Says

  • CCD offers a very high quality, well rounded dance education. The staff is top caliber, enthusiastic and kind.

    Melanie ★★★★★

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Contemporary Dance Classes at Colorado Conservatory of Dance

For Advanced Students

CCD’s advanced student contemporary syllabus explores techniques studied in recent and emerging professional companies with an emphasis on forms of concert dance. Alongside their training, dancers will explore contemporary partnering, performance practices and also cross-disciplinary approaches to movement exploration. This study will also make space for examining their own understanding of movement and forming their artistic values as thinkers, movers, and makers.

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