About Contemporary Dance Classes at our Studio

CCD’s Conservatory Training Program in Tap offers 6 different levels of classes that are designed to develop dancers’ body alignment, core support, and understanding of musicality that are required for modern dance technique. CCD currently offers modern dance techniques based on Horton Technique and Humphrey/Limon Technique on a regular basis, and CCD also includes contemporary approaches to share these techniques with the students. From the cultural perspective, CCD students will develop the understanding of how different modern dance techniques were developed in the early 20th century and continue to evolve in the current professional field. In addition, CCD emphasizes anatomically appropriate training methods, process-based learning, and professional standards.

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  • CCD offers a very high quality, well rounded dance education. The staff is top caliber, enthusiastic and kind.

    Melanie ★★★★★

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Students 17 and younger must take a free placement class

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Modern/Contemporary Dance Classes at Colorado Conservatory of Dance

For Youth Students Enrolled in Our Conservatory Training Program

We offer a variety of classes and times to fit your schedule, making it easier than ever to schedule your dance classes around other school activities. Our youth program begins in mid-August, with breaks for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break, and ends in May.

Class name Student Age (general) Class Length Max Class Size Notes
Level 1 10 – 11 years old 60 minutes 20 students Modern
Level 2 11 – 12 years old 60 minutes 20 students Modern
Level 3 13 – 14 years old 75 minutes 20 students Modern
Level 4 14 – 15 years old 75 minutes 20 students Modern
Level 5 15 – 16 years old 90 minutes 20 students Modern or Contemporary
Level 6 16 years old and up 90 minutes 10 students Modern or Contemporary

Note: To move up levels in Modern/Contemporary Program, at least 1-2 other technique classes per week is required. Students will need to be assessed through placement classes to move up.

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