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Report an Absence / Schedule a Make-up Class

Please follow these steps below to report an absence:

1) Log in to your DSP Parent/Student Portal
2) At top: More => Attendance, or scroll to bottom and select Attendance icon
3) Click the black button that says “Report Absence”
4) Select which student (if more than one in household) will be missing, click “Next”
5) Select the date(s) of the absence, click “Next”
6) Input the reason for the absence where provided, click “Submit Absence”
7) You can also see from the Attendance Dashboard how many classes you’ve missed and how many make-up classes you’ve taken.

We strongly urge students to make-up missed classes. Classes may only be made-up when the following procedure is followed:

Attendance & Punctuality

  • Please notify the front desk if a dancer will not be able to attend class.
  • To qualify for a make-up class, you must complete this form or contact the front desk.  Please call 303-466-5685 or email the front desk
  • After a semester ends, absences may no longer be made up in the following semester.
  • Make-up classes are relevant for the current season/semester only. Fall absences cannot be made up in Spring, Spring cannot be made up for Summer, and Summer cannot be made up in Fall.
  • Make-up classes must be in the same level as the missed class or lower. No make-up classes are allowed in a higher level than the missed classes.
  • Non-Ballet classes may be made up in a Ballet class.
  • Accelerate! classes may be made up in Intermediate 1.
  • No tuition credits or refunds will be given for absences or missed classes.
  • Scheduled non-class dates (such Spring Break or Winter Break, holidays, etc) do not qualify as an absence, and thus can’t be made-up.
  • Gala attendance requirements are strictly enforced and are outlined in our Gala information packet, which is distributed mid-January.
  • Due to risk of injury, students may be asked to observe if they arrive more than 10 minutes late to class. This is for your student’s safety.

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