About Jazz Dance Classes at our Studio

Immerse yourself in the world of expressive movement and infectious rhythms with jazz classes at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance. Our jazz classes offer a dynamic blend of technique, style, and self-expression, inviting dancers of all levels to explore the diverse landscape of jazz dance. Led by passionate instructors of the highest caliber, who are not only skilled performers but also dedicated mentors, these classes take students on a journey from classic jazz moves to contemporary choreography. Through upbeat music and engaging routines, dancers not only refine their skills but also find their unique voice in the world of jazz.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance’s jazz classes are a celebration of dance, style, and individuality. Beyond learning the steps, we encourage dancers to infuse their routines with their own personality, embracing the fluidity and freedom that jazz offers. With a focus on building a strong foundation while allowing room for experimentation, our jazz classes provide a space where dancers can explore a wide range of movement styles. Whether you’re drawn to the energetic rhythms of Broadway jazz or the contemporary twists of modern jazz, the Colorado Conservatory of Dance is where your passion for jazz comes alive, and your dance journey takes an exciting new direction.

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What Community Says

  • Both of my kids have been dancing with CCD for years. In that time, CCD has taught them not only technique, but also conscientiousness, responsibility, respect, commitment, hunger for excellence, kindness, long-term goal planning, and a host of other life skills. CCD is the kind of institution that makes a community. If you're looking for a place for yourself or your kids, you've just found it.

    Adam ★★★★★

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Jazz Dance Classes at Colorado Conservatory of Dance

For Intermediate Students

Intermediate Jazz is a joyful, funky opportunity to explore musicality, personal expression, and performance.

For Advanced Students

CCD’s advanced student jazz technique syllabus aims to guide our dancers from the historic vernacular roots, through the performative styles of Fosse and Luigi, to current forms underpinning much of popular dance. We also encourage our dancers to become generalists in jazz technique.

For Adult Students

Our adult jazz classes are for those ages 18+. From beginning to advanced levels, CCD offers a wide range of jazz dance classes to fit a busy schedule. Enroll in unlimited classes, or sign up for our flexible classes one at a time. We offer a variety of classes and times to fit your schedule. Our adult program runs year-round beginning mid-August with breaks for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

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