About Ballet Classes at our Studio

Experience the magic of ballet at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance, where grace and artistry take center stage. In our welcoming dance studio, ballet classes go beyond just learning the steps. Our classes are about about finding your own rhythm and style. Friendly instructors, who are not only talented, professional dancers but also great mentors, guide you through each move. With music in the background, you’ll learn everything from basic pliés to elegant pirouettes. You’ll build not only your dance skills, but also your confidence and a genuine love for ballet.

At CCD, the pursuit of ballet is more than a hobby. It’s also a dedicated commitment to nurturing talent and igniting a lifelong passion. The conservatory’s holistic approach to education intertwines rigorous training with artistic exploration, producing well-rounded dancers who understand the nuances of their craft. With a focus on fostering creativity, discipline, and resilience, our ballet classes not only refine technique but also instill the values of dedication and collaboration. From young novices taking their first plié to seasoned performers perfecting their grand jetés, the Colorado Conservatory of Dance offers a nurturing environment where ballet’s rich legacy is preserved and its future shines brightly.

What Community Says

  • In my opinion, CCD is the finest ballet studio available in this area! My daughter has been dancing at Colorado Conservatory of Dance for the past nine years. I cannot say enough good things about this studio. They have wonderful teachers who teach her the techniques of classical ballet and the art of the dance. Not only do they teach their students how to be a good dancer, they also teach them how to be good citizens. The dancers there have opportunities to experience the professional side of the dance and have outstanding choreographers, teachers and coaches.

    Jennifer ★★★★★

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Students 17 and younger must take a free placement class

Try before you buy! Experience one of our classes first-hand before enrolling in classes. Adults may sign up for a free-trial class. Youth students must take a free placement class before enrolling.

Ballet Classes at Colorado Conservatory of Dance

For Children

In Children’s ballet classes, through games, play, and imagination exercises, your little dancer will learn to skip, march and gallop.

For Primary Students

In Primary 1 & 2 ballet classes, your student will develop musical awareness, rhythm, and coordination. Appropriate for beginners approximately 5-8 years of age. In Primary 3 ballet classes, students will continue to build on their knowledge of ballet’s fundamentals. They will also learn more complex movements at the barre and across the floor. Appropriate for approximately ages 6-8.

For Intermediate Students

Students in Intermediate ballet classes 1 will build their skills and knowledge of dance and classical ballet by learning awareness of their arms, head, and body placement along with more complex movements of the feet and legs. Students in Intermediate 2 ballet classes begin adding basic turns and jumps to their movement vocabulary while they build strength, control, and awareness of the carriage of their bodies.

For Advanced Students

CCD’s advanced student ballet classes are based on a mixture of the English RAD system, the Italian Cecchetti method, and also the French System. Our ‘neutral’, kinesthetically healthy classical technique builds great strength and versatility, while also allowing every kind of physical form to reach its potential in a healthy, accepting environment.

For Adult Students

Our adult ballet classes are for those ages 18+. From adult ballet fundamentals to advanced pointe, CCD offers a wide range of ballet classes to fit a busy schedule. Enroll in unlimited classes, or sign up for our flexible classes one at a time. We offer a variety of classes and times to fit your schedule. Our adult program runs year-round beginning mid-August with breaks for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

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