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Beginning Dance for Teens & Pre-Teens

A program unique to CCD, Accelerate! offers beginning dance classes for teens and pre-teens through an accelerated learning process. Before they know it, they are prepared to integrate into our Intermediate Division

I started dancing for the first time 5 years ago through CCD’s accelerate program. Starting dance as late as I did, I thought that it would take ages to get my first pointe shoes. But if you work hard enough for what you want, you can achieve the impossible!

Sarah, former Accelerate! Dancer, current Advanced Dancer

Dance for Teens & Pre-Teens: Recommended Classes

1-2 ballet classes per week, plus Accelerate! Jazz.

Students in the Accelerate! Division will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level by one of our Lead Faculty. Class placements are based on skill level and attainment of curriculum goals, rather than age. If you are a new student, please submit our Class Assessment Form for a trial class. You may also call 303.466.5685. If you are a returning student, please log on to your Student/Parent Portal to register for classes. Upon registration, each student will pay a $35 Registration Fee, siblings will pay $10. Ask about a sibling discount upon registration! 

Class name Student Age (general) Class Length Max Class Size Class Frequency Goal
Accelerated Ballet 1
Accelerated Jazz 1
Accelerated Tap 1
10 – 12 90 minutes 10 students Twice/week Elementary 3
Jazz 2
Tap 2
Accelerated Ballet 2
Accelerated Jazz 2
Accelerated Tap 2
12 – 14 90 minutes 10 students Twice/week Intermediate 1
Jazz 2
Tap 2
Accelerated Ballet 3
Accelerated Jazz 3
Accelerated Tap 3
14 and older 90 minutes 10 students 3 Times/week Intermediate 2
Jazz 3
Tap 3

Class Descriptions

Accelerate! Ballet for Teens & Pre-Teens

In this most fundamental dance class for teens, we emphasis strength, flexibility, and coordination, and also the mastery of basic skills, body placement and positions.

Accelerate! Jazz for Teens & Pre-Teens

 Jazz is a joyful, funky opportunity to explore musicality for teens, including personal expression, and also performance. 

Accelerate! Tap for Teens & Pre-Teens

Tap focuses on rhythm creation, dynamics, coordination, and also history.

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