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  • As a parent, I am so thankful that we found a dance studio that truly cares about the dancers as individuals and cares about their well being. My daughter has been dancing at Colorado Conservatory of Dance for 12 years. The dance instruction is excellent. The ballet training is really top notch and there are a wide variety of other dance classes to choose from. She has also learned about her body (I am amazed by all the bones she can name!) and how to safely move her body.

    Shannon ★★★★★
  • In my opinion, CCD is the finest ballet studio available in this area! My daughter has been dancing at Colorado Conservatory of Dance for the past nine years. I cannot say enough good things about this studio. They have wonderful teachers who teach her the techniques of classical ballet and the art of the dance. Not only do they teach their students how to be a good dancer, they also teach them how to be good citizens. The dancers there have opportunities to experience the professional side of the dance and have outstanding choreographers, teachers and coaches.

    Jennifer ★★★★★
  • If you are looking for a true dance school, I cannot say enough about them. My daughter has been dancing at CCD for the past 9 years. There is such a feeling of family and community and I am happy with how well she is cared for. Not just as a dancer but her entire well being. They teach to respect not only their teachers, but each other and mostly themselves. The kids here really make you feel good about yourself as well. The quality of dance is superb and their performances are at a professional level.

    Seon ★★★★★
  • Wonderful school and program at CCD! The teachers and staff here have created such an amazing environment for the kids to learn and grow. The focus on not only dance but wellness and character have created such a great foundation for our kids that goes far beyond the dance studio.

    Hmong ★★★★★
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