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Accelerate! Division – Approximate ages 9 and older

A program unique to CCD, Accelerate! is specifically designed to help pre-teens and teens jump into dance through an accelerated learning process. Before they know it, they are prepared to integrate into our Intermediate Division.

Suggested number of classes for Accelerate! Division students include 2 ballet classes. If students wish to enroll in  Intermediate! Jazz, students are required to take 2 ballet classes per week. 

Recommended Classes: 1-2 ballet classes per week, plus Accelerate! Jazz.

Students in the Accelerate! Division will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level by one of our Lead Faculty. Class placements are based on skill level and attainment of curriculum goals, rather than age. If you are a new student, please submit our Class Assessment Form for a trial class. You may also call 303.466.5685 and speak with our Conservatory Docent, Marnie Rundiks. If you are a returning student, please log on to your Student/Parent Portal to register for classes. Upon registration, each student will pay a $35 Registration Fee, siblings will pay $10. Ask about a sibling discount upon registration! 

Want to view CCD’s entire 2022-2023 class schedule? Click to view and print our 2022-2023 Full Class Schedule 10.6.22. Questions? Please call the front desk at 303.466.5685.

Accelerate! Ballet is carefully crafted to take dancers through the fundamental details, descriptions, and anatomical/kinesthetic workings of CCD’s ballet syllabus. Dancers will start their training from the beginning, facing the barre with two hands. What will seem like a slow, methodical beginning will ramp up into a vast amount of detailed work by the end of the year.

Accelerate! Jazz is aimed to guide beginning dancers ages 9+ from the historic vernacular roots through the performative styles of Fosse and Luigi to current forms underpinning much of popular dance. We encourage our dancers to become generalists in jazz technique with a historic understanding of the past and future of the art form.

Monday Thursday Friday
Intermediate/Accelerate! Jazz



Michelle Bernier

Accelerate! 2 Ballet Technique



Elizabeth Nesbitt

Accelerate! 1 Ballet Technique




Accelerate! 2 Ballet Technique



Jacqueline Campos


GALA represents a class that will perform in CCD’s year-end performance on June 3, 2023*

*Date subject to change.
CCD’s season begins mid August runs for 38 non-consecutive weeks as outlined in the school calendar. Tuition installments are due on the first of every month. A late fee of $35 will be applied after the 5th of the month.

To withdraw from classes, the Front Desk must be notified by the 15th of the month prior to withdrawing from classes. For example, notify the Front Desk by April 15th for May.


Hours Per Week Per Hour Per Month Full Year Half Year   5% Prepaid Half Year by August 13, 2022 & January 2, 2023
0.5 $17.73 $34 $337  $168  $159.98
.75 $17.73 $51 $505  $253  $239.97
1 $18.03 $68 $685  $342  $325.35
1.25 $17.81 $85 $846  $423  $401.81
1.5 $17.60 $100 $1,003  $502  $476.59
2 $17.17 $130 $1,305  $652  $619.84
2.5 $16.84 $160 $1,600  $800  $759.93
3 $16.54 $189 $1,886  $943  $895.74
3.5 $16.25 $216 $2,162  $1,081  $1,026.81
4 $15.97 $243 $2,427  $1,213  $1,152.67
5 $15.36 $292 $2,918  $1,459  $1,386.00
6 $14.78 $337 $3,370  $1,685  $1,600.73
7 $14.18 $377 $3,773  $1,886  $1,792.03

Students may receive a 5% Discount by paying for the Half Year Installment if paid in full by August 13, 2022 and January 2, 2023.

New dress code goes into effect August 24, 2020. CCD is beginning a three year transition to present a more equitable and inclusive version of the standard, classical dress code. At this time, we are working with our partners at Boulder Body Wear to find reliable, high-quality vendors, but a consistent offering will take time. Until our dress code transition is complete, we will allow female dancers to choose between wearing pink tights and pink shoes OR flesh colored tights and shoes. Our ultimate goal is to have tights and shoes which match each female dancer’s skin tone.

Female-identifying students Custom Ballet Rosa leotard in Lavender/Black is available only through Boulder Body Wear. Flesh tone tights to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible. Dancers who take modern will need convertible tights. Flesh tone canvas shoes to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible. Please see our friends at BBW to help you find the perfect match.
Male-identifying students Ballet Rosa shirt in Shadow, Body Wrapper black tights (B90 or M90), and black canvas ballet slippers.
Hair Female-identifying students – Long hair must be pulled away from the face into a secure bun. No Bangs. Short hair must also be kept from the face using barrettes or pins. Headbands are not allowed in the Intermediate Division.
Male-identifying students – Hair should be secure and away from the face. Long hair must be pulled into a ponytail.
Accelerate! Jazz Dress code + black jazz pants and black jazz shoes; dancers may wear their hair in a ponytail if they have enough time between classes to change their hair style. Tardiness will not be permitted because of a hair change.
Variations/Gala Girls/Young Ladies – Dress Code + ballet skirt
Boys/Young Men – Dress Code
Intermediate Tap/Rhythm Dancers in Intermediate Tap may wear black jazz pants over their base CCD dress code. Tap shoes with a low heel are recommended, versus a tap shoe with a high heel. Lace up full sole oxford tap shoes are recommended.
Power, Flight & Turn Dress code
A Special Note for Girls/Young Ladies Girl’s tights serve as underwear dance beneath their leotards, be sure to buy dance tights which have a cotton crotch. Underwear inhibits movement, and are not allowed under tights. We know this can be a bit of a surprise for younger dancers, but they adjust quickly.
A Special Note for Boys/Young Men Boys and men should always wear dance briefs or a dance belt under their tights. These items serve the same purpose as a jockstrap and protect a male dancer from injury. You can purchase dance briefs and dance belts from Boulder Body Wear.
A Special Note for our Transgender Students You may use the dress code with which you identify. A gender-neutral bathroom/changing area is available and belongings may be stored in our general-purpose lockers. CCD is also committed to continuing to evolve with how we provide a safe space for our transgender community. As such, we are currently researching further dress code options. If there is another option which would make you or your dancer feel safe and accepted, let’s have a conversation, so the organization may continue to evolve.

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