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    Leilani Montoya began her training at Colorado Conservatory of Dance, where she studied ballet, modern, contemporary, and jazz along with several other dance styles. She has been in many productions of The Nutcracker and was a member of the CCD Studio Company for 6 years, which helped her discover her love for teaching. Since then, she has been teaching various dance techniques to students of all ages and she is excited to continue helping people explore their passion for dance!


    I was going to school at Monaco Elementary in Commerce City at seven years old when faculty from Colorado Conservatory of Dance (CCD) visited to teach my class about bugs and insects through dance.

    We learned about praying mantises. CCD instructors taught us the movement of a hunting praying mantis, then showed us, with dance, how to make the motions ourselves.

    I felt like I had been transported to a whole new universe, one that I had never known existed.

    That community dance class ended with a big performance for our parents. Before, I had no idea how amazing the dance world could be. I didn’t know anyone from it, so I didn’t know that a career in dance was an option for me.

    CCD showed me the possibilities.

    After the program ended, CCD invited me to take a trial class at their studios. I was lucky that my parents had reliable transportation to take me there. I was offered a scholarship to learn dance at CCD, a scholarship that was only accessible to me through gracious support from donors like you.

    I took the opportunity, and I began my dance journey. 

    I trained at CCD for the next 12 years, where I had the opportunity to learn dance under professional faculty members, and for the first time had the opportunity to audition for main stage productions, like The Nutcracker. I performed in many Nutcrackers and other performances. I was a member of Studio Company for several years, training with many choreographers and visiting artists.

    I am now an active dancer and performer, and I also teach dance at CCD.

    If CCD hadn’t visited my school, I don’t know if I would have thought about pursuing dance in any serious way, but because of that one opportunity, I discovered my passion, and I joined a community that I love. I am forever grateful for that one thing that probably changed the course of my life: Dance.

    I hope you’ll consider giving to CCD, so that more people like me can discover the world of dance.


    Leilani Montoya
    Dancer & CCD Faculty Member

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