Kristina Hernández SchostakBoard Member

    Kristina Hernández Schostak is the Director of Business Development and Public Information Officer at Mental Health Partners, the community mental health center of Boulder and Broomfield counties. Schostak holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Victoria Wellington, New Zealand. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Schostak has studied in three different countries in efforts to build cultural competency and expand the ways she views and appreciates our shared human experience. In over a decade of marketing and communications work, including social media, advertising, website management, copywriting, customer relations, and e-communications, she has developed a passion for working with legacy brands to freshen and invigorate brand identity, awareness, and engagement. Schostak loves to explore business development opportunities that maximize resources while diversifying revenue streams and building upon client loyalty. She has been quoted in multiple national and regional publications, podcasts, and radio spots for both product marketing and health and public service. Schostak has a passion for mission-driven and community-focused work and enjoys a long history of non-profit involvement. She currently resides in Longmont, Colorado with her husband, daughter, and loveable Bernese mix, Guinness.

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