tara jae, PhD, MFAVice-Chair
Joined CCD in 2022

As the founder & Executive Director at Youth Seen and Co-Founder Black Pride Colorado, Dr.
tara’s work is rooted in an understanding of how communities of color heal, and how to
dismantle the stigmas that mental health care needs do not exist within these communities.
Tara is skilled in validating and working with racial trauma as it relates to mental health and in
organizational spaces. They intricately apply their knowledge of how racialization, racism, and
culture greatly impact our experiences of ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. Tangible,
honest connection is at the foundation of tara’s therapeutic relationships, not just theory and
jargon. Knowing the important role of community in individual healing, Tara scaffolds holistic
support for their clients by helping build peer connections outside of the therapeutic process as

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