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15,000 Served

Every Year

Our Community Education Programs now reach over 15,000 individuals each year throughout Adams, Broomfield, Jefferson, Boulder and Denver Counties.


Given Annually

Every year CCD awards over $90,000 in financial aid and scholarships to deserving youth dancers.


Inclusive Programs

See how we engage everyone with the power of dance through our program, Dance Expressions.

We value mentorship and partnership, and we believe that dance should be available and accessible to all.

Leslie Castañuela Barnes

Executive Director

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SCFD supports many of our programs!

We’ve provided community education for years

Serving over 15,000 individuals each year, CCD’s Community Education Programs are some of the most comprehensive in the Denver metro area and are praised for their collaborative approach and highly skilled instructors. These programs reflect CCD’s deep commitment to collaboration and making lives better through dance.

We empower people with better lives through dance

We understand the importance of high-quality arts education. We teach dance in a healthy, caring, and nurturing way by listening, seeing, and fulfilling the needs of all of our dance students—both children and adults. CCD gives the same great training and commitment to students who dance purely for the joy of it as it does to those who have career aspirations.

Community Education Programs


For the
Academic Year

Counties Served
Students Served

We reinforce curricular goals—like gravity, electromagnetic waves, literacy, history, and more— through dance.

Working with the faculty and administration at low-income schools in local communities, CCD provides robust community education to underprivileged students.

These schools, many of which are deemed Title 1 because of the high percentage of students whose families are low-income, require a great deal of assistance from the federal government to make sure all kids meet the state academic standards. More than 80% of the students in these schools fall below the federal poverty line and up to 25% are classified as homeless. CCD’s 8-10 session residencies reach 2 separate grade levels at each school that we partner with, providing the opportunity for students to gain confidence through an in-depth process that merges dance with each school’s specific curricular priorities.


Since 2006

30,000 Colorado students have seen our anti-bullying programs

Colorado Conservatory of Dance presents interactive performances using dance to engage elementary-aged children in thoughtful and engaging conversation about bullying. These presentations have taken many forms – from ballets based on classic children’s books such as The Ugly Duckling, Madeline, and Have you Filled a Bucket Today, to an original anti-bullying program entitled, It All Starts Somewhere, choreographed by student choreographer Sarah Jannsen.

The Crayon Box

Choreography by Michael Hinton

This anti-bullying ballet takes kids on an imaginative journey through all the colors of the crayon box, where each color represents a different emotion. Red may be mad and blue always sad, but kids will learn how all the colors can help each other!

After School

We offer world-class ballet training to local elementary schools

Modeled after CCD’s exceptional ballet curriculum, and integrating Colorado’s State Standards for Dance Education, these year-long weekly classes cover the fundamentals of ballet while providing students with an understanding of the art forms roots and vocabulary. Students will then have the opportunity to participate in a culminating performance created specifically for their individual group. This program truly is a top of its class immersive experience for students.


Production, Technical & Design Internship at Pinnacle Charter School

Work Experience through Education

Through our partnership with Pinnacle Charter School, we facilitate the Production, Technical, & Design Internship for Pinnacle High School students. During the program, students gain real-world theater experience working on professional and student productions under the supervision of the Production Manager.

Participation in CCD’s internship program is an honor and also a commitment. Each year we invite 8 students to participate in the year long program. This program is considered to be a pre-professional path to working in the technical theater industry.


2023 Residency

Details about the 2023 residency program will be available soon.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance is committed to supporting promising professional dancers and choreographers, businesses and non-profits. Learn about one of our current residents, Art is Action.

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REMINDER: Spring Break is March 20-25, and there will be no conservatory or adult classes. CCD will be closed.
Classes and office hours resume Monday, March 27th at 11am. Happy Spring!