Jameson CourvilleMarketing Manager

Jameson’s brief encounter with ballet, thanks to his little sister’s impromptu lesson on plies, marked the beginning and the end of his brief career in dance. However, his passion for the arts steered him towards a different path. Now, he dedicates himself to empowering others to express themselves through storytelling.

After relocating to Denver, Jameson joined AmeriCorps as a volunteer VISTA at the local public access TV station. There, he played a pivotal role in enhancing the station’s resources and community outreach efforts. His dedication and skills led to promotions, eventually landing him roles as Station Director and Production Manager at a nonprofit radio and cable TV station. Additionally, he contributed to educational content for MasterClass and produced hundreds of segments for the daytime talk and opinion show, Daily Blast Live (many of which were not about celebrity elf ear surgery, and one that was).

A strategic leader with a passion for storytelling, Jameson is a mission driven creative writer and producer with a talent for improvisation.

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