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About CCD

Inside the doors of this longstanding, flagship cultural organization is a deeply caring and nurturing community of exceptional and knowledgeable dance teachers, learned body scientists and therapists, and a diverse collection of students – all committed to a process of learning and teaching ballet that is healthy for both the body and mind.

Who we are

CCD believes in a better life through dance. We understand the importance of high-quality arts education. We begin our contribution and dedication to better lives through dance in our Broomfield studios. We teach dance in a healthy, caring, and nurturing way by listening, seeing, and fulfilling the needs of all of our dance students—both children and adults. CCD gives the same great training and commitment to students who dance purely for the joy of it as it does to those who have career aspirations.

We continue our commitment beyond our Broomfield location through our thriving community programs. We seek to heighten education, deepen self-esteem, and further the art of dance in a fun and engaging way. We make a real and important impact for and with our community and enrich the future of arts education.

Faculty and Guest Teachers

Our faculty is comprised of dance experts who have extensive professional experience and/or advanced degrees in dance performance and pedagogy. For a full list of our faculty and guest teachers, visit (faculty page).

At Colorado Conservatory of Dance, we unleash individual potential and invigorate community through dance.


At Colorado Conservatory of Dance, we unleash individual potential and invigorate community through dance.


The Colorado Conservatory of Dance will be a responsible and stable national model of excellence in dance, health & wellness, and non-profit management.


With direction, purpose, and intent, the Colorado Conservatory of Dance creates a healthy and generous environment where students, parents and community members are nurtured and encouraged to develop their most creative and fulfilled selves. We responsibly pursue our mission with high standards and high expectations. We value mentorship and partnership, and we believe that dance should be available and accessible to all.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Colorado Conservatory of Dance is an anti-racist organization who supports BBIPOC, AAPI, and LGBTQIA+ peoples, as well as all people who have historically been marginalized, oppressed, or underrepresented in our society. We believe in respect for all perspectives, in the value of creativity, in the power of art, and in treating other humans with dignity and kindness. We will not be silent. We will use our platform to end discrimination in the arts.

#BLM #WeAllDanceTogether #YouMatter #BodiesMakeArt #AntiRacistArtsEducation

Land Acknowledgement

Colorado Conservatory of Dance is currently conducting deep work to fully understand the history of the land on which we reside and that of the people we serve. We want to approach this work with earnest diligence and take our time to do it right. As we conduct this work, we want to acknowledge we reside on the traditional territory of the Arapahoe, Ute, and Sioux Tribes.


Dear New CCD Family and Dancer, 

We are delighted you’ve chosen to begin or continue your studies with us. Let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect…

CCD is a community school of the arts, which means we are dedicated to providing each and every student with methodical, detailed instruction, building a foundation for their healthy future as a dancer. We take seriously our responsibility to teach in a kinesthetically healthy way, and we continue to evolve how we teach based on current research and training from the world’s best body scientists. 

At the core of who we are as an organization is a deep commitment to providing a safe environment for both mental and physical health, and we say proudly that we are a body safe environment, where we encourage our dancers to set their movements free in a judgment-free classroom. We do this by teaching through the lens of “process” – rather than right versus wrong; success versus failure. We believe that every experience in dance is part of a life-long process. 

What you may notice is that our conservatory dancers don’t spend their time preparing for or attending dance competitions. This is purposeful. We want our dancers to focus on their own individual progress and path, rather than feeling pressured to attain the ideals of an ever-increasingly art-less, trick-ful, money-driven machine. We want to promote deep artfulness – vulnerability and authenticity – for our young performers. We do this by crafting meaningful performing experiences for them, the opportunities for which grow as they gain more expertise with their art form. 

Whether you are a dancer yourself or a parent of one, we hope you’ll proudly get involved with our organization. Beyond the immense activity you’ll see here in our Broomfield studios, CCD is also committed to utilizing our expertise to help our community become enlightened and enlivened through dance. In fact, we reach thousands of elementary-aged students through our community education programs each year. You can support our mission, and our great non-profit work, by toting the whole family to see a performance, attending our fundraisers, advertising your business in our playbills, and taking your fill of classes. 

We are proud to serve and partner with you on your dance journey. Thank you for trusting us with this important decision. 

Best wishes, 

Julia Wilkinson Manley

Founder & Artistic Director, Colorado Conservatory of Dance

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