Dance for Boys & Men

Where Boys Dance, Thrive, and Break the Mold

Boys thrive in dance programs for a multitude of reasons that encompass both personal and societal dimensions. Dance cultivates discipline, coordination, and physical fitness, which are attributes valued universally. Boys often find a unique outlet for self-expression through dance. This enables them to embrace their creativity. The teamwork and camaraderie fostered in dance classes promote healthy social skills and emotional intelligence.

Dance encourages diverse movement styles and storytelling. Boys feel empowered to break free from restrictive stereotypes and explore a wide range of identities. The inclusivity and support within dance programs help boys build confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to excel not only in the realm of dance but also in various aspects of their lives. In a broader context, as society becomes progressively accepting of individuality, boys in dance challenge preconceptions, contributing to a more inclusive and enriched cultural landscape.

Classes Tailored for Boys & Men

Intermediate Power, Flight & Turn is an energetic opportunity for intermediate dancers to gain full-body strength (to help with lifting other dancers in the future) while refining their technique to lay a foundation for superb turns and jumps. Dancers will learn excerpts from classical repertoire typically attributed to male danseurs.

Advanced Power, Flight & Turn is a class for advanced dancers to gain full-body strength (to keep them safe when lifting other dancers) while perfecting the technical requirements necessary when performing jumps and turns. Dancers will learn variations and other excerpts from classical repertoire typically attributed to male danseurs.

Power, Flight and Turn
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