Jesús MuñozLead Community Education Faculty

    Jesús Muñoz is a Latin dance artist and percussionist within the complexities of Indigenous, Mexican and Cuban culture, music, and dance, and within Eurocentric dance in ballet, modern, and contemporary techniques. Muñoz is currently based in Boulder, Colorado, a recent MFA in Dance graduate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Theatre & Dance. Muñoz holds a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma, a conservatory dance program that concentrated in ballet, modern, and jazz dance. Alongside extensive communitarian and performance work, Muñoz holds twenty years of involvement in the Latin dance community internationally as a freelance dance artist, educator, performer, and choreographer. Muñoz areas of expertise include Mexican Folkloric, Cuban Popular, Cuban Folkloric, Afro-Cuban, and Cuban Contemporary dance, Latin Percussion, Ballet, Modern and Contemporary techniques, performance, choreography, and artmaking for social change. As an extranjero from México with indigenous descent of the Arapaho tribe from the Coloradoan territory, Muñoz’s aims at fostering Latin & Indigenous artistic excellence through building new accessibility spaces for his communities.

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