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Advanced Summer Intensive

June 21-July 31, 2021

Who is this for?

Preparation for emerging artists

The Advanced Summer Intensive provides multi-disciplinary training in ballet and modern dance in a rigorous and nurturing environment geared towards fostering individual growth through technical proficiency and movement literacy. This program runs June 21-July 31 for ages 12-22. Students will train up to 8 hours per day Monday-Friday. An optional 2-hour ballet technique class is also available on Saturdays.

Please read our CCD Summer 2021 Health Protocols  and complete our CCD Summer 2021 Health & Safety Waiver  and turn in before taking any classes in-person.

We continue to plan for an in person summer program. Due to Covid-19 and its impact on studio capacity limitations, spots for a fully in person program are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis until capacity limits are reached or when registration closes for all programs on May 15, 2021. After that date, CCD reserves the right to place dancers in online instruction 1-2 days a week if deemed necessary. If restrictions ease and we are permitted to safely increase capacity, hybrid dancers will be offered the opportunity to be fully in person. We will continue to offer dancers the option to participate in a fully virtual program. 

We also hope you understand that given the limited amount of space and high demand for our programs, all deposits will continue to be non-refundable and non-transferable.

Jennifer Howard
Director of Summer Programs

Dominic Walsh
Director of Movement Lab and Compass Coaching Project

Julia Wilkinson Manley
Artistic Director of Colorado Conservatory of Dance


Shannon Alvis
July 12-14

Sarah Hillmer
June 21 & 23

Terrell Davis
July 29

Roger C. Jeffrey
July 5-9

Vivian Kim
July 5-16

Maria Konrad
July 19 & 30

Rosalynde LeBlanc
July 19-23

Doug Letheren
July 12-16

John McFall

Tilman O’Donnell
July 19-24

Calvin Royal III
July 27

Caili Quan
July 26-30

Rachel Oliver Young
June 28-July 2

*International Faculty subject to change

Read about all our Summer International Faculty here.

Summer Intensive Dancer
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“Hello! I just wanted to say I LOVE this intensive!! You are nurturing artists through opportunities to choreograph. You are educating athletes about their anatomy and how to take care of it. You have an amazing faculty. I couldn’t ask for a better program for Kailey, especially at this time. I am seeing her creativity come out again, and she is excited about improving her skills. You all are so wonderful. Thank you for your program and dedication to fostering artists. Brilliant! I just had to share my love for you all!”

Warmest regards,

– J. Goldstrohm 2020

Advanced 1 & 2 Summer Intensive Schedule:

M/W/F from 9am-4pm; T/TH from 10am-2:30pm; optional Ballet Technique classes held on Saturday from 11:15am-12:45p.

Advanced Summer Intensive Tuition – Advanced 1 & 2 Tuition (Paid in Full) Before March 1, 2021 After March 1, 2021
Per Week $381.90 $402
6 Weeks $2,053.90 $2,162

Advanced 3/4/PPP Summer Intensive Schedule:

M/W/F 9am-4pm; T/TH 10am-4pm with an optional Ballet Technique class on Saturdays from 12pm-1:15pm.

Advanced Summer Intensive Tuition – Advanced 3 & 4/PPP Tuition (Paid in Full) Before March 1, 2021 After March 1, 2021
Per Week $430.35 $453
6 Weeks $2,344.60 $2,468

Students who are enrolled during week 3 through 6 (July 5-July 31) of the Advanced Summer Intensive are invited to perform in CCD’s Summer Moving Project (SMP). This valuable program allows students to learn contemporary choreography and classical repertoire in an intensive rehearsal process with nationally recognized artists. Students enrolled in all 6 weeks of the Advanced Summer Intensive receive 2 weeks of additional rehearsal time and will be cast in additional works for the showcase. This extensive rehearsal process will culminate with the Summer Moving project performance on July 31, 2021.

Advanced 1/2 Summer Moving Project rehearsals will be held on M/W/F from 4:15-5:15pm; T/TH from 2:45-3:45pm. Advanced 3/4/PPP rehearsals will be held M-F 4pm-6pm.

Summer Moving Project Fee (Paid in Full) Before March 1, 2021 Fee After March 1, 2021
Includes digital video, performance photos and a summer t-shirt $351.50 $370

Ballet Technique -In Advanced 1, students heighten their strength, control, speed and mental acuity through the introduction of more complex combinations, turns, jumps and balances.

In Advanced 2, students begin to transition to our more advanced syllabus, taking on more complex turns, and big jumps, while refining their movements and building stamina.

Advanced 3 turns the attention to “the whole picture” as students begin to develop a comprehensive understanding of how their upper and lower bodies work together. They learn complex combinations quickly and focus their energies on strength, refinement, confidence and risk taking.

Advanced 4/Pre-Professional Program (PPP) is a rigorous and challenging program that encourages dancers to move beyond their comfort zone with a focus on cultivating individual artistic voices. PPP students in this program often plan to go on to college programs or professional careers in dance. For year-round entry into PPP, students are required to study six days per week.

Advanced/PPP Summer Classes:

Ballet Technique: Dancers will be placed in a level that best supports their progress. Classes will focus on technique with an emphasis on proper alignment, functional anatomy, musicality and artistry.

Pointe: Dancers will be placed in a level that best supports their progress. Pointe classes will focus on foot articulation and strength.

Power, Flight & Turn: This class is designed to gain full-body strength, while perfecting the technical requirements necessary when performing jumps and turns. Dancers will learn variations and other excerpts from classical repertoire typically attributed to male danseurs.

Variations and Repertoire: This class will cover classical variations in addition to contemporary and modern repertoire by such choreographers as Crystal Pite, Yvonne Rainer, Twyla Tharp and Bill T. Jones, to name a few.

Modern Dance: This class will focus on building fundamental modern dance skills including floorwork, the dynamic use of weight, improvisation and elemental concepts of effort, space and time. This conceptual approach allows dancers to be successful in a range of modern styles while creating a full and developed physical understanding of their body and its abilities.

Dance and Meditation: This class, taught by Doug Letheren, explores the science behind the synchronicity of mind and body, and introduces the practical application of meditation to dance training.  Sitting meditation will be taught, and then channeled into the mindfulness and awareness already present in a dancer’s body and daily practice.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon. PBT focuses on training muscle memory to strengthen and enhance technique.

Classes may also include: Contemporary, Partnering, Anatomy & Kinesiology, Composition, Dance History, Jazz, Hip Hop, Somatic Awareness, and Yoga.

“I have never excelled more as a dancer than while at CCD. With new friendships and supportive faculty members, you have a foundation to achieve anything.”

– Lindsay 2016 & 2013

Housing Information

For a list of housing resources, please contact Jennifer Howard at jhoward@ccdance.org.

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