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Professionals Program

Serving the greater dance community throughout the Denver-Boulder metro area, CCD’s Professionals Program offers local dance professionals affordable rentals, technique classes, and long term artist residencies (through our residency program) at CCD. Designed to support local artists, this program reflects CCD’s commitment to building and sustaining the arts within our community.

If you are a local professional and are interested in having  your program at CCD, please contact

Professional Training Center

CCD’s weekly professional classes provide a training center for local professionals to develop their craft in a variety of dance techniques. Halfway between Boulder and Denver, these classes serve the entire local dance community with offerings driven by our commitment to high quality dance education at all levels. We offer the program in partnership with the hand-selected group of teachers, often styled as an open company class connecting students with working professionals. Classes are drop-in friendly.

All Wild Heart classes are drop-in available with tuition fees as follows: drop in $15 |  6 class card $75 | 12 class card $150.  Wild Heart accepts cash, credit card and check. Studios are available for pre-warm up 15 minutes before classes begin. CCD Class Punch Cards can not be used for these classes.


Monday Class:

for Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary Modern Movers

Wild Heart’s beginning/intermediate contemporary modern class is first and foremost a practice of embodiment. This class will engage and encourage a full-bodied effort into encountering the intelligence of our skin, muscles, bones and cells. This physical discovery of body will draw the dancer closer to moving from center. From this movement the dancer can begin to experience the energetic body. Within this subtler aspect of movement, the dancer has the opportunity to open to others through the danced expression of self. All dancers are welcome to this class and encouraged to come with beginner’s mind.

Tuesday Company Class: 

for Advanced/Professional Movers 

This contemporary class, taught by Kat Gurley, explores a more animalistic and energetic approach to dance. It is highly physical, challenging long held levels of comfort and understanding to awaken undiscovered capacities with each dancer. It uses more traditional modern dance modalities as well as more contemporary and improvisational structures to awaken the animal body. It uses a strong rhythmical base as well as a play between raw power and release to get each dancer invested in not only individual experience, but also the generosity necessary for connection to one another. This class welcomes all professional dancers looking to play, connect and sweat!

Thursday Class:

for Intermediate/Advanced Movers

Wild Heart’s intermediate/advanced contemporary modern class explores the power of play as a means to unlock the body’s capabilities to dance from a place without fear. It uses various techniques based in modern, improvisation and rhythm to strengthen efficiency and execution of movement within the body. This class will encourage not only the technical dancer within each of us but the playful and exuberant spirit as well. This class welcomes and encourages all intermediate and advanced movers that are looking to delve into and strengthen their capabilities as dancers as well as fall in love with themselves as movers of spirit.

Wild Heart Classes from 10-11:30am M/Tu/Th Dates
Monday – Beginning/Intermediate May 6 – June 10, 2019
Tuesday  – Advanced/Professional May 7 – June 11, 2019
Thursday – Intermediate/Advanced May 9- June 13, 2019

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