Residency Program

Our Residency Program promotes a vibrant local professional dance community by offering selected artists support and resources to create ambitious new works and have greater impact and success with their work.  CCD offers 1 to 10 month long residencies in which local artists are given the space to create a new evening of work.  CCD selects artists based on their artistic merit, the relevance of the proposed project, and the potential impact of the residency and work on the local community and artist’s career.  This program is designed to promote values of innovation, quality, rigor, and mutual support within the dance community.

With each 1 to 10 month residency, artists will receive:

  • a studio dedicated for their usage 9 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday (Sundays may also available [not guaranteed] but will require an additional fee)
  • access to CCD’s performance space for 1 public showing: work in progress, lecture/demonstration, etc.
  • opportunity to offer public classes at CCD through our professionals training program
  • publicity development and distribution support

In exchange, residency artists are expected to:

  • use their residency time to create new work
  • teach one 2 hour workshop to CCD’s advanced level students
  • teach one open donation based professional level class per week (25% of the class revenue comes back to CCD)
  • provide 10% revenue share from first 2 performances of the work (from 5% of first 4)
  • provide a full page ad in performance playbills and put CCD’s logo on all promotional posters and fliers
  • Clean the studio floors with dry mop and Pro-Clean (provided by CCD) after each studio use

Residency fee is a total of $100 per month. In certain circumstances this amount can be offset by additional teaching or Studio Company repertory activities, which can be negotiated on an individual basis. Resident artists are expected to maintain regular and consistent schedules within CCD. CCD reserves the right to claim a studio to meet our needs up until 72 hours in advance of usage.

Application Process

To apply, please submit:

  • resume(s) of lead artist(s)
  • concept statement for proposed project
  • project timeline, including performance dates, venue, and other pertinent details
  • preferred rehearsal schedule
  • ideas for the residency workshops you’d like to offer at CCD

All materials can be submitted to Michael Hinton at

Photo by Amanda Tipton Photography

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