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Welcome to Colorado Conservatory of Dance!

At CCD, we believe every dancer deserves the absolute best dance education, regardless of age, ability, aspiration, or socio-economic status.  Our program is designed to give students the highest quality dance education in both classic and contemporary styles in a friendly and warm environment.  Our syllabus is designed to build strength and versatility in every dancer, allowing each dancer to work in the healthiest, most kinesthetically aware way.  At CCD, we truly believe that dance is for everyone and that art can foster community, create positive influence, and inspire the individual, and our faculty, staff, and families reflect every aspect of that belief.

Getting Started at CCD

To register for classes in our Conservatory Program, please complete the Class Assessment Form and a member of our Staff will contact you to schedule your first assessment class. For dancers under the age of 6, they will be placed in the appropriate level without an assessment. This assessment class is designed to be an opportunity for your student to see if he or she enjoys the class, as well as an opportunity for a CCD Lead Faculty member to assess your student and place him/her in the correct level. After receiving your assessment, you can then enroll your student through your Dance Studio Pro portal. 

To enroll in our Adaptive Dance Program, please contact CCD at 303.466.5685. Enrollment is based on the guidance of Heather Sutton and the needs of the student. All Adaptive Dance classes are held on Thursday afternoons.

For those 18+ that are interested in our Adult Program, our Adult Program runs the entire year and we welcome new students anytime. We offer classes both in-person and online through Zoom. You may find all our class times and offering above. Please complete our Free Trial Class submission form here, and we will get back to you ASAP. Your first class is always free!

When enrolling in classes, please take the time to read our School Policies & Information Page section as well as proper dress code for you or your dancer, so your student feels comfortable and prepared for their first class at CCD!

Upon registration, each student will pay a $35 Registration Fee, siblings will pay $10.

If you ever have any questions, or would like to speak to someone in-person, please call CCD at 303.466.5685 or email info@ccdance.org. We look forward to seeing you dance with us! 

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Dear New CCD Family and Dancer, 

We are delighted you’ve chosen to begin or continue your studies with us. Let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect…

CCD is a community school of the arts, which means we are dedicated to providing each and every student with methodical, detailed instruction, building a foundation for their healthy future as a dancer. We take seriously our responsibility to teach in a kinesthetically healthy way, and we continue to evolve how we teach based on current research and training from the world’s best body scientists. 

At the core of who we are as an organization is a deep commitment to providing a safe environment for both mental and physical health, and we say proudly that we are a body safe environment, where we encourage our dancers to set their movements free in a judgment-free classroom. We do this by teaching through the lens of “process” – rather than right versus wrong; success versus failure. We believe that every experience in dance is part of a life-long process. 

What you may notice is that our conservatory dancers don’t spend their time preparing for or attending dance competitions. This is purposeful. We want our dancers to focus on their own individual progress and path, rather than feeling pressured to attain the ideals of an ever-increasingly art-less, trick-ful, money-driven machine. We want to promote deep artfulness – vulnerability and authenticity – for our young performers. We do this by crafting meaningful performing experiences for them, the opportunities for which grow as they gain more expertise with their art form. 

Whether you are a dancer yourself or a parent of one, we hope you’ll proudly get involved with our organization. Beyond the immense activity you’ll see here in our Broomfield studios, CCD is also committed to utilizing our expertise to help our community become enlightened and enlivened through dance. In fact, we reach thousands of elementary-aged students through our community education programs each year. You can support our mission, and our great non-profit work, by toting the whole family to see a performance, attending our fundraisers, advertising your business in our playbills, and taking your fill of classes. 

We are proud to serve and partner with you on your dance journey. Thank you for trusting us with this important decision. 

Best wishes, 

Julia Wilkinson Manley

Founder & Artistic Director, Colorado Conservatory of Dance

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CCD’s Referral Program:

Refer 1-5 new students* during the 2022-2023 season:
Receive $50 tuition credit for each referred student – a savings of up to $250 for your family!

Refer 6-10 new students* during 2022-2023 season:
Receive $75 tuition credit for each referred student – a total savings of $250 + $375 for your family!

Refer 11 or more new students* during 2022-2023 season:
Receive $100 tuition credit for each referred student! The possibilities are endless!

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