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Primary Division – Ages 5-8

Our 2020-2021 season will be a mixture of in-person and zoom classes. This allows both dancers and instructors alike to participate fully either in person on a limited basis, online, or a combination of both. While it’s our desire and plan to return to fully in-studio instruction and rehearsal as soon as possible, we will continue to follow the guidance of local, state, and federal health officials and eagerly await a world in which the COVID-19 virus is mitigated to an extent that will allow this. Our hybrid schedule will include an A and B rotating schedule. One week, a group of dancers will be in-person at CCD while the other dancers are conducting classes via Zoom. The following week, both groups will rotate to the opposite method of learning. We will attempt to pair families so their classes will be on the same rotation schedule. All students will also have the opportunity to attend all classes via Zoom only if this is what makes them most comfortable. For the Adult schedule, some of our Faculty will teaching via Zoom only. Please visit https://ccdance.org/adult-program/ for all Adult Class info.

Beginning February 8, CCD will be returning to the hybrid class schedule.

Please read our Spring 2021 Student Health Protocols  and complete our CCD Spring 2021 Health & Safety Waiver  and turn in before taking any classes beginning February 8, 2021.


In Primary 1 & 2, your student will develop musical awareness, rhythm, and coordination through the fundamentals of ballet, creative movement, acting, and games. Appropriate for beginners ages 5-8. Primary 2 begins August 24, 2020, Primary 1 begins January 4, 2021. 

In Primary 3, students will continue to build on their knowledge of ballet’s fundamentals and learn more complex movements at the barre and across the floor. Appropriate for ages 6-8.

Brain/Body Boogie is a fun, imaginative class which increases body awareness and physicality through intentionally directed free moving exercises. Students will build strong body-brain connections by exploring the world around them and inside themselves.


2020-2021 Season In-Person Class Schedule for our Primary Division. All classes may either be taken In-Person or via Zoom.

GALA represents a class that will perform in CCD’s year-end performance on June 5*, 2020.

*Date subject to change.
Monday Friday Saturday

Primary 2/3 Ballet Technique



Austin Price

Primary 2/3 Ballet Technique



Kerry Healy

Primary 2 Ballet Technique



Karin Johnson

Primary 2/3 Brain/Body Boogie


Austin Price


Primary 1 Ballet Technique

(Spring Only) (GALA)


Karin Johnson

Students in the Primary Division will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level by one of our Lead Faculty. If you are a new student, please submit our Class Assessment Form for a trial class. You may also call 303.466.5685 and speak to one of our Lead Faculty. If you are a returning student, please log on to your Student/Parent Portal to register for classes. Upon registration, each student will pay a $35 Registration Fee, siblings will pay $10.

Want to view CCD’s entire 2020-2021 class schedules? Click view and print our In Person 2020-2021 Schedule – Updated 1.18.21 and our Online 2020-2021 Schedule – Updated 1.18.21. Questions? Please call the front desk at 303.466.5685.


Primary Division Tuition Information

CCD’s season begins mid August runs for 38 non-consecutive weeks as outlined in the school calendar. Tuition installments are due on the first of every month. A late fee of $35 will be applied after the 5th of the month. Save 3% by paying by cash, check or ACH.

To disenroll, the Front Desk must be notified by the 15th of the month prior to disenrollment. For example, notify the Front Desk by April 15th for May.

Hours Per Week Per Hour Per Month Full Year Half Year   5% Prepaid Half Year by August 8, 2020 & January 5, 2021
0.5 $16.71 $32 $317  $159  $150.81
.75 $16.71 $48 $476  $238  $226.21
1 $16.99 $65 $646  $323  $306.67
1.25 $14.48 $69 $688  $344  $326.71
1.5 $15.05 $86 $858  $429  $407.48
2 $16.18 $123 $1,230  $615  $584.10
2.5 $15.87 $151 $1,508  $754  $716.13
3 $15.59 $178 $1,777  $889  $844.20
3.5 $15.32 $204 $2,038  $1,019  $967.84
4 $15.05 $229 $2,288  $1,144  $1,086.82

Students may receive a 5% Discount by paying for the Half Year Installment if paid in full by August 8, 2020 and January 5, 2021.

Dress Code for Primary Division Students for 2019-2020 Season

New dress code goes into effect August 24, 2020. CCD is beginning a three year transition to present a more equitable and inclusive version of the standard, classical dress code. At this time, we are working with our partners at Boulder Body Wear to find reliable, high-quality vendors, but a consistent offering will take time. Until our dress code transition is complete, we will allow female dancers to choose between wearing pink tights and pink shoes OR flesh colored tights and shoes. Our ultimate goal is to have tights and shoes which match each female dancer’s skin tone.

Leotard (Girls) Capezio Style #3946c – Pink or Capezio Style #11311C
Shirt (Boys) Body Wrappers white shirt # B400
Tights Girls – Flesh-tone tights to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible. Please see our friends at BBW to help you find the perfect match.
Boys – Body Wrappers black ballet tights (B90)
Shoes Girls – Flesh-tone canvas shoes to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible. Please see our friends at BBW to help you find the perfect match.
Boys – Black canvas ballet slippers
Hair Girls – Hair must be pulled back away from the face, either in a bun or ponytail.
Boys – Hair should be neat and away from the face. Long hair must be pulled into a ponytail.
Brain/Body Boogie Dance or exercise apparel.
A Special Note for Girls Girl’s tights serve as underwear dance beneath their leotards, be sure to buy dance tights which have a cotton crotch. Underwear inhibits movement, and are not allowed under tights. We know this can be a bit of a surprise for younger dancers, but they adjust quickly.
A Special Note for Boys Boys and men should always wear dance briefs or a dance belt under their tights. These items serve the same purpose as a jockstrap and protect a male dancer from injury. You can purchase dance briefs and dance belts from Boulder Body Wear.
A Special Note for our Transgender Students Students shall have the right to dress in accordance with their gender identity, within the constraints of the dress codes stated in CCD’s dress code policies.

Help avoid an uncomfortable situation for your dancer by explaining these aspects of ballet dress code ahead of time, and arrive to class in proper attire. This will also prepare them for our year-end Gala and other performances as they progress.

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