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Pre-Professional Program – Approximate ages 14-24

Please read our Health & Safety Protocols Amended 3.28.2022  and complete

our 2021-2022 Season Health & Safety Waiver and turn in before taking any classes in-person beginning August 1, 2021.

Students in this program often plan to go on to college programs or professional careers in dance. For entry into this program, students are required to study six days per week. Attendance in specific classes and absences are taken into consideration before applying to this program. Classes are challenging and highly motivating, and students have high expectation for themselves and the quality of their work. They are pushed to move beyond their comfort zone and make personal discoveries in their artistry and technique. Contract Required. In order to be in the Pre-Professional Program, all classes are required.

Students in the Pre-Professional Division will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level by one of our Lead Faculty. Class placements are based on skill level and attainment of curriculum goals, rather than age. If you are a new student, please submit our Class Assessment Form for a trial class. You may also call 303.466.5685 and speak to one of our Lead Faculty. If you are a returning student, please log on to your Student/Parent Portal to register for classes. Upon registration, each student will pay a $35 Registration Fee, siblings will pay $10. Ask about a sibling discount upon registration! 

Want to view CCD’s entire 2021-2022 class schedule? Click to view and print our 2021 Spring 2022 Full Class Printable Schedule – Updated 1.5.2022. Questions? Please call the front desk at 303.466.5685.

Advanced Tap – This class will take dancers from the fundamentals of tap technique and rhythm to a solid, intermediate/advanced tap vocabulary. Additionally, dancers will learn the basics of tap improvisation.

Ballet – CCD’s ballet training is based on a mixture of the English RAD system, the Italian Cecchetti method, and the French System. Our ‘neutral’, kinesthetically healthy classical technique builds great strength and versatility, while also allowing every kind of physical form to reach its potential in a healthy, accepting environment.

Coaching – Pre-Professional Program dancers will gain expertise with a select few classical variations and contemporary works in preparation for auditions and participation in Denver Ballet Guild.

Contemporary – CCD’s Contemporary syllabus explores dance methods, forms, and techniques that fall under the broad umbrella of contemporary dance. Dancers will study historic and present-day philosophies, ideas, attitudes towards performance, and cross-disciplinary creative approaches to movement exploration, while examining their own understanding of dance and performance and beginning their artistic identities as thinkers, movers, and makers.


*Composition is an extra fee of $120 per student per year.

Jazz Technique – CCD’s jazz technique syllabus aims to guide our dancers from the historic vernacular roots through the performative styles of Fosse and Luigi to current forms underpinning much of popular dance. We encourage our dancers to become generalists in jazz technique with a historic understanding of the past and future of the art form.

Modern Technique is a very general term which encompasses a vast wealth of history. At CCD, we believe in teaching our dancers the history behind the dance styles they learn. As such, our Modern Dance program will take dancers through each individual syllabus – including Graham, Cunningham, Horton, Humphrey, and more. Younger Modern dancers will gain a generalized foundation for the important over-arching principles associated with Modern Dance. As the dancers progress through CCD’s program, they will learn the history and cultural implications of each style, become fluent in each form, and begin to think about the role they play in its evolution.

Pas de Deux

PPP Power, Flight & Turn is a class for advanced dancers to gain full-body strength (to keep them safe when lifting other dancers) while perfecting the technical requirements necessary when performing jumps and turns. Dancers will learn variations and other excerpts from classical repertoire typically attributed to male danseurs.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. The program uses various sizes of Fit Balls and flex bands to simulate ballet/dance technique, thus the muscle memory applied to class work. Highly appreciated by physical therapists around the world, the system is well organized by age, level and challenges. All PBT balls will be provided for all students who take classes in-person. CCD students studying online will need to have their own equipment:

  • Fusion Ball 7-9″ (sometimes called a Pilates ball) 
  • Fit Ball – 55cm-65cm
  • Flex band (9 feet long) will be available for purchase at the front desk

Variations/Gala – Dancers enrolled in Variations will learn solo and small ensemble works from existing standard classical repertoire. Each class will learn three to four variations per year, allowing the faculty member to focus on refinement and the details of each variation. For those who choose to perform in our annual production of Gala, dancers will perform one or two of these variations as a small group based on the artistic vision of each individual faculty member.

Pre Professional Program Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Advanced 3/4/5/PPP Tap


Michelle Bernier

Advanced 5/PPP Modern Technique



Chris Harris

Advanced 5/PPP Progressing Ballet Technique


Sean Watson

Advanced 4/5/PPP Modern Technique


Chris Harris

PPP Ballet Technique en Pointe


David Barbour

Advanced 3/4/5/PPP Ballet Technique en Pointe


Julia Wilkinson Manley

Advanced 5/PPP Ballet Technique


Jennifer Howard

Advanced 5/PPP Ballet Technique en Pointe


Dominic Walsh

Advanced 5/PPP Ballet Technique en Pointe


Jennifer Howard

Advanced 4/5/PPP Ballet Technique en Pointe


Dominic Walsh

Advanced 5/PPP Progressing Ballet Technique


Karen Shanley

Advanced 5/PPP Variations



Jennifer Howard


Advanced 5/PPP Jazz Technique



Chris Harris

Advanced 5/PPP  Power, Flight & Turn/Pas de deux**


David Barbour


PPP Coaching


Jennifer Howard


Advanced 5/PPP Composition*


Chris Harris

Advanced 5/PPP Contemporary



David Barbour


*Composition class is an added fee of $120 per student due upon registration.

GALA represents a class that will perform in CCD’s year-end performance on June 4, 2022*.

*Date is subject to change.
CCD’s season begins mid August runs for 38 non-consecutive weeks as outlined in the school calendar. Tuition installments are due on the first of every month. A late fee of $35 will be applied after the 5th of the month.

To withdraw from classes, the Front Desk must be notified by the 15th of the month prior to withdrawing from classes. For example, notify the Front Desk by April 15th for May.

Hours Per Week Per Hour Per Month Full Year Half Year   5% Prepaid Half Year by August 9, 2021 & January 3, 2022
0.5 $17.21 $33 $327  $163  $155.32
.75 $17.21 $49 $490  $245  $232.98
1 $17.50 $67 $665  $333  $315.88
1.25 $17.29 $82 $821  $411  $390.11
1.5 $17.09 $97 $974  $487  $462.71
2 $16.67 $127 $1,267  $633  $601.79
2.5 $16.35 $155 $1,553  $777  $737.79
3 $16.06 $183 $1,831  $915  $869.65
3.5 $15.78 $210 $2,099  $1,049  $966.90
4 $15.50 $236 $2,356  $1,178  $1,119.10
5 $14.91 $283 $2,833  $1,416  $1,345.63
6 $14.35 $327 $3,272  $1,636  $1,554.11
7 $13.77 $366 $3,663  $1,831  $1,739.84
8 $13.19 $401 $4,010  $2,005  $1,904.64
9 $12.05 $412 $4,121  $2,061  $1,957.52
10 $11.47 $436 $4,359  $2,179  $2,070.34
11 $10.91 $456 $4,560  $2,280  $2,166.18
12 $10.32 $471 $4,706  $2,353  $2,235.31
13 $9.76 $482 $4,821  $2,411  $2,290.18
14 $9.18 $488 $4,884  $2,442  $2,319.79
15 $8.61 $491 $4,908  $2,454  $2,331.16

Students may receive a 5% Discount by paying for the Half Year Installment if paid in full by August 9, 2021 and January 3, 2022.

*Composition class is an added fee of $120 per student per year due upon registration.

New dress code goes into effect August 24, 2020. CCD is beginning a three year transition to present a more equitable and inclusive version of the standard, classical dress code. At this time, we are working with our partners at Boulder Body Wear to find reliable, high-quality vendors, but a consistent offering will take time. Until our dress code transition is complete, we will allow female dancers to choose between wearing pink tights and pink shoes OR flesh colored tights and shoes. Our ultimate goal is to have tights and shoes which match each female dancer’s skin tone.

Leotard (Ladies) NEW – Custom Ballet Rosa leotard in Marine/Black available only through Boulder Body Wear.
Baltogs “Maria” Aleksandra leotard in black/navy (ME547/ME547c)
Unitard/Shirt (Men) *Men’s Dress Code is currently under review. Please check back here often for updates.*

Ballet Rosa unitard “Conrad” in Marine/Black or Ballet Rosa leotard “Endo” in Marine.

Wear Moi unitard style: Elan in black/navy with black socks.

Tights/Socks Ladies – Flesh-toned tights to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible. Dancers who take modern will need convertible tights. Please see our friends at BBW to help you find the perfect match.

Men – If wearing Ballet Rosa leotard, it must be worn with black tights and black socks. When wearing the unitard, Men must still wear black shocks.

Shoes Ladies – Flesh-toned canvas shoes to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible. Please see our friends at BBW to help you find the perfect match.

Men – Black canvas ballet slippers.

Hair Ladies – Long hair must be pulled away from the face into a secure bun. No Bangs. Short hair must also be kept from the face using barrettes or pins. A simple plain black headband is allowed in class.

Men – Hair should be neat and away from the face. Long hair must be pulled into a ponytail.

Jazz Technique (Ladies & Men) Dress code + black jazz pants and bare feet; dancers may wear their hair in a ponytail if they have enough time between classes to change their hair style. Tardiness will not be permitted because of a hair change.
Modern Technique (Ladies & Men) Dress code + black jazz pants and bare feet; dancers may wear their hair in a ponytail if they have enough time between classes to change their hair style. Tardiness will not be permitted because of a hair change.
Contemporary (Ladies & Men) Dress code + black jazz pants and ballet shoes; hair in a bun for ladies.
Variations Ladies – Dress Code + Ballet Skirt
Progressing Ballet Technique All PBT balls will be available for students taking class in-person. At home students will need: Fusion Ball (7-9″ diameter) and a Fit Ball.  Flex Bands (9 feet long) will be available for purchase to all students at the front desk.
Power, Flight & Turn Dress Code
PPP Pointe Students must be approved to wear pointe shoes by the Director
Tap Dancers in Advanced Tap may wear black jazz pants over their base CCD dress code. Tap shoes with a low heel are recommended, versus a tap shoe with a high heel.
A Special Note for our Transgender Students You may use the dress code with which you identify. A gender-neutral bathroom/changing area is available and belongings may be stored in our general-purpose lockers. CCD is also committed to continuing to evolve with how we provide a safe space for our transgender community. As such, we are currently researching further dress code options. If there is another option which would make you or your dancer feel safe and accepted, let’s have a conversation, so the organization may continue to evolve.
*Expanded Dress Code Day for Pre Professional Program Students Only* On Fridays, PPP Division dancers may utilize our expanded dress code.

Solid black, navy blue, burgundy/maroon, dark brown, dark grey, or dark green leotard.

Plain solid white, navy, burgundy/maroon, dark brown, dark grey, or dark green dance shirt (no logos) with black footed tights.

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