At the Colorado Conservatory of Dance, we place the highest value on our dancers’ health and well-being. Our in-house Wellness Center provides students with exceptional care for body and mind. In our fully-equipped Karen Shanley Pilates Studio, dancers can strengthen their structure and technique by cross-training in Pilates and working with a physical therapist to recover from or prevent an injury.

Evolved from concepts and movement techniques created by Joseph H. Pilates more than 80 years ago, the Pilates Method dramatically improves core strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture. It creates a body with elongated muscles, flat abdominals, and a strong back. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing, the participant gains improved body awareness, balance in muscle strength and flexibility. By improving body awareness, alignment and range of motion at joints, practicing Pilates alleviates pain and injuries and re-balances the body from the physical stresses of dancing or everyday life. Private sessions focus on the individual’s needs, making Pilates ideal for people of all ages, fitness levels, and physical conditions.



Karen Shanley

Karen’s passion for dance/movement has kept her happily in the dance scene since she was a little girl. She studied ballet with Evelyn LeMone, Wilson Morelli, Yasuki Sasa, Margaret Craske, Antony Tudor, El Gabriel and Larry Rosenberg and modern with Betty Jones, Viola Farber, Jeff Slayton. She earned a BA in dance from UCLA, an MA from Ohio State University where her focus was modern and dance history.  Karen has taught various levels of ballet and modern at Univ. of Nebraska (Omaha), University of Hawaii, Brooklyn College, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Cal State University Long Beach, American Dance, San Luis Obispo, as well as summer dance intensives in Sun Valley, ID and Anaheim Ballet, CA.  Before moving to Colorado in 2007, Karen was a professor at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA where for 24 years she taught ballet, modern, and was Dance Department Chair for 17 years. Karen is a certified Pilates and GYROTONIC® instructor and has her own studio Jasper Peak Pilates in Lafayette.

Pilates: drop-in 30 minutes $30
Pilates: drop-in 60 minutes $60
Pilates: punchcard (3) 30 minutes $90
Pilates: punchcard (3) 60 minutes $180
Pilates: punchcard (5) 30 minutes $150
Pilates: punchcard (5) 60 minutes $300

Scheduling: Appointments can be made at the front desk or by calling 303.466.5685.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice, or students are required to pay for the lesson.


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