Physical Therapy

CCD places the highest value on our dancers’ health and well-being. Our in-house Wellness Center provides students with exceptional care for body and mind. Physical Therapy and Fascial Distortion rehabilitate injuries and re-balance bodies under the strain of rigorous physical demands. With affordable rates and special discounts for students, the CCD Wellness Center ensures a full complement of supportive services for the entire community.

Our physical therapist works closely with students of all ages and their families to build the strongest, healthiest dancer possible.  As part of their dance education, students are encouraged to meet regularly with a physical therapist not only to rehabilitate, but to prevent injuries from happening, increase flexibility and mobility, and to keep dancers happy and healthy. Our physical therapist is in studio year-round to support CCD dancers of all ages.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance is currently looking for a Physical Therapist. Please contact info@ccdance.org if you would like information.

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