April 8, 2023 | DanceNerd Lecture Series – Physics and Dance 2 with Dr. David Nesbitt and Chris Harris

Join Dr. David Nesbitt and science nerd CCD faculty Chris Harris to discuss more Physics and Dance! Let’s talk about how momentum can get you off the floor, how torque helps you turn, and just how we can use physics to appear to defy gravity for an instant. The understanding of how physics works on the body is integral to the understanding of balance, locomotion, and the effort needed for great dancing!  

Join us at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance for this event.

April 8, 2023
7-7:30 Reception 

Come chat with us before the lecture and have some light nibbles.
7:30-9 Lecture 

Conversation, mechanical examples, and movement games to help deepen your understanding of this fun subject.

Dr. David Nesbitt is a Professor Adjoint at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and a Fellow of JILA (CU Boulder and NIST). He runs the Nesbitt Laboratory and has been the director of the CU Wizards Program since 1994.  His research interests include laser spectroscopy, dynamics, and kinetics of fundamental molecular, bio-molecular, and nanoparticle systems, studied at either the quantum state-to-state or single molecule level. 

This event is in-person at Colorado Conservatory of Dance
3001 Industrial Lane #12
Broomfield, CO 80020


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