Nutcracker Participation

Nutcracker Participation

Nutcracker Auditions – POSTPONED until Sunday, September 20

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will postpone our Nutcracker Auditions for one month, giving CCD staff time to plan and prepare for a successful run. At this time, our plans are to offer a Nutcracker Suite – a one-hour version of our family favorite with all the best, most critical selections. We will likely have restrictions on how many audience members can view the performance live and how many people can be in our lobby at one time, so we currently plan to not have an intermission. Additionally, we will limit the number of dancers in each scene of our Suite to ensure safe social distancing. Our primary objective shall always be to keep our dancers, their families, and our audiences safe.

Nutcracker Kick Off Meeting TBD

Nutcracker Audition will be held on Sunday, September 20: TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE

  • 11:30am – Primary Division Registration
  • 12:00-12:45pm -Primary Division Audition
  • 12:30pm – Intermediate Division Registration
  • 1:00-2:00pm – Intermediate Division Audition
  • 1:45pm – Advanced 1 & 2 Registration
  • 2:15-3:30pm – Advanced 1 & 2 Division Audition
  • 3:15pm – Advanced 3/4/PPP Registration
  • 3:45-5:00pm – Advanced 3/4/PPP Division Audition

Please arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to auditions.

Parents, please come inside with your dancer!

Rehearsals & Performance:

All 2020 updated information will be posted here as soon as it is determined.

Performances will happen at the Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School on December 12, 13, 18-20, 2020, with mandatory dress rehearsals December 1, 3, 5, 8-11 and 16-17. (Other mandatory rehearsals may be added by the Artistic Director.)

Participation Requirements:

In order to participate in CCD’s annual Nutcracker performance, students must meet the following general requirements:

  • All dancers interested in participating in The Nutcracker must complete all summer and fall course requirements listed below.
  • Completion of all course requirements guarantees a dancer a role in this year’s production.
  • Those unable to complete course requirements may opt to audition for the production with no guarantee of being cast.
  • Dancers auditioning without having met summer course requirements must still complete all fall course requirements.
  • Dancer is 7 years old or older by August 22, 2020 (no exceptions)
  • Dancer has performed in at least one CCD Gala production or possess equivalent performance experience (as approved by the Artistic Director)
  • Participation fee for those who have not completed summer and fall requirements: $350.00
  • Mandatory performance photo/video/and t-shirt fee: $100.00 per family (siblings pay $20 for t-shirts)
  • Additional t-shirts are $20.00 each and must be purchased by the August 28, 2020 Kick Off Meeting.
  • Families must provide an active credit card number, which will be charged the necessary amount

Summer training and other requirements: The section below has been updated on 5/23/2020.

  • Primary and Intermediate dancers must take 3 weeks of summer camp. Advanced dancers must take at least 4 weeks of summer intensive.
  • In addition, the dancer must attend a minimum of the following ballet technique classes in dancer level during the summer (this may include ballet technique classes taken as part of their camp/intensive).*
    • Primary – 6 ballet classes at CCD
    • Intermediate 1 – 8 ballet classes at CCD (additional 2 ballet classes may be taken during interim classes at any point throughout the summer)
    • Intermediate 2 & 3 – 12 ballet classes at CCD (additional 3 ballet classes may be taken during interim classes at any point throughout the summer)
    • Advanced 1 & 2 – 20 ballet technique classes (8 minimum at CCD)
    • Advanced 3/4/PPP – 30 ballet technique classes (10 minimum at CCD)
  • *Requirements are number of technique classes attended, not hours. Pointe, Technique Intensive, and other specialty dance classes and private lessons do not count towards these requirements. Non-CCD intensives must be approved by the Artistic Director.
  • Dancers who are not able to fulfill CCD’s summer training requirements may still audition for The Nutcracker, and if accepted, they will be required to pay a $350 participation fee. Dancers who are able to fulfill CCD’s summer training requirements are automatically accepted into the production (an audition is still required for casting purposes), and their participation fee will be waived.

Fall 2020-2021 Season Requirements: 

Please note that due to COVID-19, our  fall requirements are under review. We appreciate your patience as we determine the best course of action. Please come back again soon. This page will be updated as we make decisions. If you have urgent questions, you may call the front desk during normal business hours. 

Dancer must be currently enrolled at CCD, taking the following classes per week (all CCD course prerequisites must be met):

  • Primary 1 & 2 
    • Minimum of one ballet class
  • Primary 3 
    • Minimum of two ballet classes
  • Intermediate 1 & 2
    • Minimum of three classes
  • Intermediate 3
    • Minimum of five classes
  • Advanced 1
    • Women: minimum of eight classes
    • Men: minimum of seven classes
  • Advanced 2
    • Women: minimum of nine classes
    • Men: minimum of seven classes
  • Advanced 3
    • Women: minimum of ten classes
    • Men: minimum of eight classes
  • Advanced 4
    • Women: minimum of eleven classes
    • Men: minimum of nine classes
  • Pre-Professional Program
    • Enrolled in all Pre-Professional Program classes

For all attendance, fundraising and volunteer support, please ask for the sample Nutcracker Contracts available at the front desk beginning in May.

Studio Company Participation:

Studio Company is a year long commitment that is separate from participation in The Nutcracker. Please visit the Studio Company page for more information, including audition date and time, for all information relating to Studio Company.

Photo by Misha Photography

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