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Online Classes

Colorado Conservatory of Dance is committed to continue to do what we do best, make lives better through dance. During this rather trying time, we strive to keep our students active and healthy by continuing all classes remotely, all within your home. Please be sure to check back often! We have plenty of fun ways to keep you busy during this time of voluntary isolation.

All of these classes are open to the public on a donation basis as our usual processes for collecting adult tuition don’t yet work online. We appreciate any contribution you can make, and all of your donations will go directly to the operations of CCD including faculty wages.

These are only a few of the dozens of classes we’re offering online during the temporary closure. We’re also continuing to enroll all of our other levels, including Children’s Ballet, Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Email Conservatory Manager Michael Hinton at or call our front desk at 303-466-5685 for more information and pricing.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance open classes are intended for adults or youth who are able to participate independently. Participants acknowledge that CCD and its faculty are not liable for any injuries that may occur during class sessions, and that instructors are authorized to remove any attendee they deem disruptive or engaging in inappropriate behavior during those classes. As donation-based sessions, participants are asked to contribute what they feel is a fair monetary amount to CCD via and, if possible, share their experience on social media and tag the organization. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Participants are advised that CCD will record all open classes for archival and/or marketing purposes, so by attending agree to have their likeness used at CCD’s discretion. No personal, financial, or contact information will ever be shared with a third party from either class sessions or recordings.

Day Class Time Zoom Link: Passcode:
Monday Adult Tap with Rachel Newbury 5:30-6:15PM Monday Adult Tap Zoom 3001
Monday Adult Int/Adv Composition with Page Jenkins 6:15-7:00PM Monday Adult Int/Adv Composition Zoom 3001
 Adult Beginning Ballet with Angela Momo Sakai
6:15-7:30PM Monday Adult Beginning Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Int/Advanced Ballet with Jennifer Howard
7:30-8:45PM 3001
Adult Beginning Ballet with Karin Johnson
6:30-7:45PM Tuesday Adult Beginning Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Int/Ballet with Karen Shanley
6:45-8:00PM Tuesday Adult Int/Adv Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Pre/Beg Pointe with Karin Johnson
6:45-8:00PM Tuesday Adult Pre/Beg Pointe Zoom 3001
Adult Power Hour with Karin Johnson
12:00-1:00PM Wednesday Adult Power Hour Zoom 3001
Adult Fundamentals Ballet with Elizabeth Nesbitt
6:00-7:15PM Wednesday Adult Fundamentals Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Barre Bootcamp with Julia Wilkinson Manley
6:45-7:15PM Wednesday Adult Barre Bootcamp Zoom 3001
Adult Beg/Int Ballet with Elizabeth Nesbitt
7:15-8:30PM Wednesday Adult Beg/Int Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Power Hour Fundamentals with Karin Johnson
12:00-1:00PM Thursday Adult Power Hour Zoom 3001
Adult Beg/Int Ballet with Jamie Schuler
6:00-7:15PM Thursday Adult Beg/Int Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Pointe with Jamie Schuler
7:15-8:00PM Thursday Adult Pointe Zoom 3001
Adult Jazz with Chris Harris
8:00-9:00PM Thursday Adult Jazz Zoom 3001
Adult Power Hour with Julia Wilkinson Manley
12:00-1:00PM Friday Adult Power Hour Zoom 3001
Adult Body Prep with Julia Wilkinson Manley
8:30-9:00AM Saturday Body Prep Zoom 3001
Adult Int/Adv Ballet with Julia Wilkinson Manley
9:00-10:15AM Saturday Adult Int/Adv Zoom 3001
Adult Ballet Fundamentals with Jennifer Howard
9:00-10:15AM Saturday Ballet Fundamentals Zoom 3001
Adult Beginning Ballet with Karen Shanley
9:00-10:15AM  Saturday Beg Ballet Zoom 3001
Adult Beg/Int Pointe with Julia Wilkinson Manley
10:30-11:15AM Saturday Beg/Int Pointe Zoom 3001
Adult Pre-Pointe with Jennifer Howard
10:30-11:15AM Saturday Pre-Pointe Zoom 3001
Adult Beginning Pointe with Karen Shanley
10:30-11:15AM Saturday Beg Pointe Zoom 3001

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