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We continue to plan for an in person summer program. Due to Covid-19 and its impact on studio capacity limitations, spots for a fully in person program are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis until capacity limits are reached or when registration closes for all programs on May 15, 2021. After that date, CCD reserves the right to place dancers in online instruction 1-2 days a week if deemed necessary. If restrictions ease and we are permitted to safely increase capacity, hybrid dancers will be offered the opportunity to be fully in person. We will continue to offer dancers the option to participate in a fully virtual program. 

We also hope you understand that given the limited amount of space and high demand for our programs, all deposits will continue to be non-refundable and non-transferable.
Please read our CCD Summer 2021 Health Protocols  and complete our CCD Summer 2021 Health & Safety Waiver  and turn in before taking any classes in-person.

Movement Lab

July 5-31, 2021

CCD’s Movement Lab offers an environment to learn choreographic thinking and movement methodology with teachers and stagers of the most influential dance makers of our day, such as Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Jiří Kylián, Crystal Pite. Movement Lab is led by dance luminary Dominic Walsh. Dancers 16+ will explore the mechanics of process and movement invention. Whether the artist is an aspiring choreographer or simply wants to contribute more profoundly as a dancer, they will be supported to invent new ways of thinking, moving, and performing by going beyond familiar methodology of dance and posing new questions. Movement Lab runs from July 5-31, 2021 with a culminating performance on July 31, 2021.

Tuition for Movement Lab:

4 Weeks: $2,182 (Paid in Full Before March 1 $2,072.90) includes performance fee, digital video, performance photos, and a summer t-shirt.

Courses for Movement Lab

Ballet Technique and Pointe: These classes are geared to the individual artist’s needs. Fostering a laboratory environment of curiosity and exploration, and a focus on efficiency of movement, dancers will explore their technique as a means of communication, while further developing their own artistic voice. 

Contemporary and Repertoire: This class will cover concepts of contemporary dance in addition to repertoire by such choreographers as Mats Ek, Dominic Walsh and Jiří Kylián, to name a few.

Movement Methodology: Through an in-depth movement experience, each facilitator will break down the intricate  pedagogical context and choreographic components and strategies used by current and past choreographers of renown. Through this work, dancers will explore and “break open” their own choreographic voice by both mirroring and distorting the tools they’ve learned. 

Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Response: This class takes a deep look at the power of vulnerability to build resilient, authentic artists in a world over-rife with perfectionism. This will be a moving class, a writing class, a thinking class, an asking class, and a creating class, and it will not look the same each week.

Improvisation: This class focuses on tools used in improvisation to explore and broaden individual movement vocabularies.

Dance and Meditation: This class, taught by Doug Letheren, explores the science behind the synchronicity of mind and body, and introduces the practical application of meditation to dance training.  Sitting meditation will be taught, and then channeled into the mindfulness and awareness already present in a dancer’s body and daily practice. 

Move It Plus: In this class, taught by Maree ReMalia, participants are guided through movement explorations drawing from ReMalia’s eclectic experiences with improvisational dance and theater methods, the Gaga movement language, and body-based practices aiming to enliven the senses,cultivate self awareness, encourage self care, and connect while we shelter in place. The approach is playful and deliberate and allows for individual interpretation while moving with a collective. 

Wellness: This class will cover several modalities of movement and self-care including philosophies from Alexander Technique and Movement Therapy; Anatomy, and Kinesiology; and Somatic Awareness.

Film project – Summer Moving Project: Artists will work one-on-one with Dominic Walsh to create short films to be shown as part of Summer Moving Project.

New Creations – Summer Moving Project: Movement Lab hosts many guest choreographers representing a variety of genres, styles, and techniques of dance. These guest choreographers in collaboration with Movement Lab artists will create short works to be shown in the Summer Moving Project. 

Dancers participating in Movement Lab who are interested in participating in Nutcracker 2021 need to take 4 weeks of summer intensive (which includes 30 ballet classes; 10 minimum at CCD). Please see additional Nutcracker Participation Information here.

Movement Lab in Action

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