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GAGA Master Class Schedule

CCD is very excited to be bringing in a summer Master Class series with Mario Zambrano!

Mr. Zambrano, a multi-disciplinary artist, has been working in the performing arts for the last thirty years. A Presidential Scholar in the Arts, A Princess Grace Fellow, and an Iowa Arts Fellow from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he’s been a soloist and principal dancer for Nederalnds Dans Theater, Batsheva Dance Company, and Ballet Frankfurt. At age seventeen, he was the youngest full-company member to ever join Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Gaga Master Class Info:

Gaga  offers  a new way  to reach a deeper  knowledge and understanding  of one’s self via the body  and its movement. Gaga encourages,  teaches and cultivates multi dimensional  movement, efficiency and texture of movement,  the use of explosive power, the connection between  pleasure and effort, quickness, clarity of intention, and stamina.  It enables recognition of one’s own movement habits and helps  to acquire new ones. Essentially, Gaga increases one’s understanding  of the body’s weaknesses and strengths, as well as its response to them.  Through Gaga, one works to break down physical barriers in order to reach  a greater comprehension and control of instinctive movements. Ultimately, Gaga  empowers the experiences of pleasure, stillness, positivism, and happiness. The Gaga movement  language is a tool that can be utilized by dancers and non- dancers alike.

  • Gaga/People (1 hr 15 min) – Gaga/people classes are open to people ages 16+, regardless of their background in dance or movement. No previous dance experience is needed.
  • Gaga/Dancers (1 hr 15 min) – Gaga/dancers classes are open to professional dancers or advanced dance students ages 16+.

Please come with bare feet. No viewers are allowed. The only people in the studio should be participants. No latecomers are allowed. Once the class has begun the door should be closed and no one should enter.

Master Class Dates:

  • July 8 – Gaga/Dancer – 2:00pm-3:15pm
  • July 10 – Gaga/Dancer – 2:00pm-3:15pm
  • July 12 – Gaga/Dancer – 2:00pm-3:15pm
  • July 13 – Gaga/People – 12:00pm-1:15pm

Gaga Master Class Pricing:

$30 Drop-in rate per class

Gaga 3 Class Package – $75

Gaga 6 Class Package – $150

Gaga 9 Class Dancer Package –  $225

Please call the front desk at 303.466.5685 to register, pre-pay and guarantee your spot. CCD Punch Cards and Monthly Unlimited classes can not be used towards the Master Class Series.

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