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Serving over 15,000 individuals each year, CCD’s Community Education Programs are some of the most comprehensive in the Denver metro area and are praised for their collaborative approach and highly skilled instructors. These programs reflect CCD’s deep commitment to collaboration and making lives better through dance.


Move2Learn Elementary School Partnerships

Colorado Conservatory of Dance’s Title 1 Elementary Partnerships bring curriculum integrated arts education experiences to nearly 4,000 students in 7 public schools in high-need neighborhoods each year. We work with the faculty and administration at low-income schools in local communities to reinforce curricular goals—like gravity, electromagnetic waves, literacy, history, and more— through dance. These schools, many of which are deemed Title 1 because of the high percentage of students whose families are low-income, require a great deal of assistance from the federal government to make sure all kids meet the state academic standards. More than 80% of the students in these schools fall below the federal poverty line and up to 25% are classified as homeless. CCD’s 8-10 session residencies reach 2 separate grade levels at each school that we partner with, providing the opportunity for students to gain confidence through an in-depth process that merges dance with each school’s specific curricular priorities. 

We have developed three options for our Move2Learn Residency Partnerships for the 2020-2021 school year. 

  • The first model is a fully interactive online meeting delivery. This option would be the closest to our traditional implementation of this programming. We would work with teachers to create a custom curriculum for two grade levels of your choosing, and schedule virtual meetings with those classes to learn their movement fundamentals and curricular learning integration, and take those skills to create a piece of choreography together to share with their schools and families. 
  • The second model is receiving a package of pre-recorded lessons for two grade levels that can be integrated into your curriculum as you see fit. This can either be implemented on its own, or as a hybrid with the first. We will be creating a library of subjects and core focuses for each grade level for schools to choose from. 
  • The third model is a comprehensive lesson plan PDF for two grade levels with guides for curricular integration. These would also come with access to a CCD teaching professional to assist you in implementation if desired. 


After-School Ballet

Colorado Conservatory of Dance strives to extend its mission of providing a better life through dance into its community by offering world-class ballet training to local elementary schools. Modeled after CCD’s exceptional ballet curriculum, and integrating Colorado’s State Standards for Dance Education, these year-long weekly classes cover the fundamentals of ballet while providing students with an understanding of the art forms roots and vocabulary. Students will then have the opportunity to participate in a culminating performance created specifically for their individual group. This program truly is a top of its class immersive experience for students.

For the 2020-2021 school year, we are pivoting that program to a virtual fulfillment model, and are aiming to tailor it to each school’s needs. We are offering the options of virtual meetings, pre-recorded lessons, or a hybrid thereof for this programming, and would be interested in having a conversation about what would best fit your student’s needs.

Every school that participates in a Move2Learn or After-School Ballet partnership for the 2020-2021 school year will receive access to a free screening of our virtual adaptation of this year’s touring ballet included with their partnership.

To find out how CCD can participate in your school, please contact


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