DanceFound 2020

An opportunity for CCD’s adult dancers to perform! 

Information for DanceFound 2020 is here!


DanceFound meets Young Choreographers Showcase
Closing the generation gap with a collaborative choreographic mashup

What happens when you mash the creativity of two CCD groups together into one masterful collaborative performance? Our adult dance company, Dance: Found, meets our Young Choreographers Showcase to provide an evening of scintillating original work across virtually every conceivable style of dance. Masterfully performed by multiple generations of CCD dancers, this first-ever collaboration promises to thrill with over a dozen world premieres.


Broomfield Auditorium
Community Park Rd
Broomfield, CO 80020

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Hello CCD Adult Students,

The time has come to start prepping for DanceFound! DanceFound (DF) is a yearly performance for our adult students where Faculty Members and Adults are given the opportunity to choreograph and perform. All Adult Students are welcome to choreograph and perform in DF, but it is NOT required. If you are interested in participating, please continue reading as there are some changes from years past.

This year, CCD will be combining DanceFound and Young Choreographer’s Showcase into one show called Venture. This performance will be at the Broomfield Auditorium. Venture will be broken down is with three Acts. The First Act will contain all of our DF pieces, choreographed by Faculty and Adult Students. The Second Act will be a collaboration with our Adult Students and our YCS Students. The Third Act will consist of the YCS pieces choreographed by our students. The goal of this collaboration is to bridge the generation gap and show that truly anyone can dance, and anyone can create art no matter the age gap.

Adults performing in Venture pay a performance fee of $75. This fee will go towards your pictures, a video of the performance, and the overall cost of renting the theater and staff.

If you would like to choreograph a piece for DanceFound, please email Michael Hinton and let him know the following:

  • Style of dance (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, etc.)
  • Difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or all levels)
  • Music choice and length
  • Days and times that you would like to hold rehearsals
  • The limit of dancers you would like to have

In order to pay our wonderful and talented faculty members, participants will purchase a rehearsal punch card for each day that you have rehearsal.

  • 5 rehearsal punch card – $35
  • 10 rehearsal punch card – $60
  • 15 rehearsal punch card – $75

We will have a signup binder behind the front desk. This binder will have all of the piece’s being created, information on each piece, and a signup sheet for each person’s piece. Please put your name, email and phone number on each signup sheet so that your choreographer can get in touch with you regarding rehearsals and schedule changes. There is also a section on the signup sheets labeled Trial. This indicates that you are interested in trying out the piece but are unsure if you will be able to commit to all of the rehearsals or feel as though the piece is too hard for you. Please have all of your pieces decided on by February 1st so that our choreographers have time to prepare for the adjudication performance on February 29th.

If you are planning on choreographing a piece it is required that you have a Faculty Mentor. Their job is to occasionally watch rehearsals and offer advice and changes to help strengthen your piece. It is NOT required that your mentor attends every rehearsal and their job is not to choreograph your piece, but only to help you achieve your vision. If you have a Faculty Mentor in your rehearsal, a rehearsal punch card is required from each adult dancer. However, if there is no faculty member present, you will NOT need a rehearsal punch card.

Because we are combining two typically long shows, there will be an adjudication performance on February 29th, henceforth known as LEAP! This will be an informal performance held in Studio 1 and friends, families and guests are more than welcome to attend. The purpose of LEAP! is to showcase what you have been working on and to take a look at the repertoire that may be used for future performances. Unfortunately, because of the shows time limit, we won’t be able to present everyone’s piece at Venture this year. After LEAP! we will be making decisions on which pieces will be performed at Venture, which pieces will need to be shortened, and which pieces we would like to save for future performances.

This year we will also be creating a DanceFound Fundraising page through CrowdRise. We ask that each adult participating in Venture creates a fundraising page so that we can reach our goal of $10,000. Please see Marnie Rundiks with any CrowdRise questions. More information will be released soon.

In order to have a smooth and successful show, we have a few dates and rehearsals where your attendance is mandatory. You can find those dates below:

  • Friday, March 20th – Final Dress
  • Saturday, March 21st – Show day!
  • We also ask that you miss no more than 20% of your rehearsals. Please communicate to your choreographer if you will be missing a rehearsal so they can adjust appropriately.

All Adult Students participating in Venture will need to sign a 2020 DanceFound agreement. You can find these behind the front desk. Please read your agreement carefully as it further outlines what is expected from you during this process.

Chris Harris will be managing Venture this year, so please email both Chris and Michael with any questions or concerns.

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