Cinderella and the Evil Stepmother: A World Premiere by Dominic Walsh


Cinderella and the Evil Stepmother

A World Premiere by Dominic Walsh

May 14 at 1pm & 6:30pm
May 15 at 1pm

Step into an enchanting, heart-warming retelling of the classic tale. Through courage, kindness and tenacity, this modern-day Cinderella triumphs in the face of adversity.

Performing Arts Complex at PCS
1001 W. 84th Ave
Federal Heights, CO 80260

Ticket Pricing:

  • Adult Ticket (19-64 years of age): Prime $28 / Standard $24 / Value $20
  • Senior Ticket (65 years and up): Prime $26 / Standard $22 / Value $18
  • Teen Ticket (13-18 years of age): Prime $24 / Standard $20 / Value $16
  • Child Ticket (18 months up to 12 years of age): Prime $12 / Standard $10 / Value $8

Day of ticketing pricing increases by $5 each.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance presents

Sensory-Friendly Cinderella and the Evil Stepmother

This performance allows people with sensory, social and learning disabilities to participate in a world premiere performance with their families.

Friday, May 13 at 6:30pm

This performance will be held at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS, 1001 W. 84th Ave, Federal Heights, CO 80260. (West of I-25 at 84th and Huron Street.)

Guest of Honor is FREE / Family Members $10 per ticket

Please note: this performance is only for those who have sensory, social, and learning disabilities and their families.

Tickets for this special performance are only available over the phone. Please call 303.466.5685.

Sensory-Friendly Performance Details

Performance details:

  • House lights will remain on the make the environment not-so-scary.
  • Music will be altered so there will not be any sudden loud noises.
  • Participants may fee free to express themselves or react to the ballet in a way they need.
  • Use of therapeutic manipulatives are allowed.
  • Use of iPads or similar devices is permitted, but for the safety of the dancers, we prohibit the use of flashed or sudden bright lights.
  • CCD will only sell half the seats, allowing for guests to sit where they feel most comfortable. Social distancing is strongly encouraged.
  • All Ticket Policies listed above, will also be required for this performance. Masks are required for those 2+.
  • Ticket sales are final.
  • This event will sell out!

Question: Who is the intended audience for this performance? And who qualifies as a “guest of honor”?

Answer: As part of CCD’s commitment to “dance is for everyone” the Sensory-Friendly performance are intended specifically for people with sensory needs that might otherwise not feel welcome attending typical performances, whom we refer to as our “Guests of Honor” and who pay no admission price. Additionally, we offer deeply discounted ticket prices for anyone accompanying those guests. 


Question: How long will this performance be?

Answer: Cinderella and the Evil Stepmother lasts for slightly under two hours.


Question: Is there an intermission?

Answer: Yes. This is generally 20 minutes in duration.


Question: I have a three-year old daughter who won’t sit through a typical two hour performance, may I bring her to this one instead?

Answer: You may be surprised to learn that families with young children are actually encouraged to attend our Nutcracker matinee performances. After each performance, we have a special on-stage experience for children this age! The Sensory-Friendly performance features a number of accommodations that are specially designed for those whose needs would make them uncomfortable or unable to attend a “typical” performance. 


Question: I am a senior and we are on a fixed income, may we come to this performance?

Answer: While the Sensory-Friendly performance is not geared towards seniors, we do offer Value and Senior pricing for all our Sensory-Friendly performances in order to make the experience affordable for all audience members.


Question: I see that the Guests of Honor are able to get up and move about, can you please explain what this means?

Answer: Guests of Honor are encouraged to leave their seats and move about the theatre as we realize that some are better able to process the performance’s magic through a kinesthetic experience. We only ask that their movements do not impede the enjoyment or safety of other audience members or performers. 


Question: Manipulatives are allowed, will this distract the dancers?

Answer: If the use of personal manipulatives assist our Guests of Honor in their enjoyment of the performance, we encourage their use. Rest assured that our performers are aware and supportive of the variety of accommodations made for our Guests of Honor during the Sensory-Friendly performance.  


Question: Is flash photography allowed?

Answer: Unfortunately, as this can be a danger to our dancers, flash photography is prohibited. 


Question: Will the dancers be in full costume?

Answer: Absolutely!


Question: What about potentially scary masks?

Answer: Out of respect for our guests of honor, whose responses to sudden and unexpected stimulus may inhibit their enjoyment of the performance, we begin the experience by showing all attendees our Mouse costume, so that the audience has seen our dancer with the mask on and off.


Question: What is a “Tutu Petting Zoo”?

Answer: We have a table set up so guests can touch and feel costume pieces and pointe shoes from this performance. 


Question: Will this performance sell out?

Answer: YES. We did completely sell out in 2018 & 2019! As we hate the notion of turning away families for this special event, please be certain to get your tickets early once you’re confident that the Sensory-Friendly performance is the correct one for you and your family. 


Question: Will the new Ticket Policies be in place for the Sensory-Friendly Performance?

Answer: Yes. In order to protect all our Patrons, as well as our dancers, the Mask and Vaccine/Testing requirements will also be in place during our Sensory-Friendly performance.


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