Primary Division – Approximate ages 5-8

Beginning Ballet for Kids

Introduce your kids to the world of ballet! Learn musical awareness, rhythm, and coordination in our beginning ballet for kids classes. Did you know that ballet builds foundational movement and artistic skills in children? Read about the benefits of ballet for kids.

Primary Levels 1 & 2

In Primary 1 & 2 Ballet, your student will develop musical awareness, rhythm, and coordination through the fundamentals of ballet, creative movement, acting, and also games. Appropriate for beginners approximately 5-8 years of age. 

Primary Level 3

In Primary 3 Ballet, students will continue to build on their knowledge of ballet’s fundamentals and will also learn more complex movements at the barre and across the floor. Appropriate for approximately ages 6-8.

Recommended Classes

One to two classes per week.

Beginning Ballet for Kids Class Size

15 students

Class Descriptions

Brain Body Boogie is a fun, imaginative class which increases body awareness and physicality through intentionally directed free moving exercises. Students will also build strong body-brain connections by exploring the world around them and inside themselves.

Primary Boys is a fun class designed to channel the creativity and natural energy of our 5-8 year old gents through full-body imaginative exercises. This class is also meant to follow a Primary Division ballet class.

Primary Tap is a vibrant class which focuses on musicality, coordination, and also dynamics. 


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