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Ballet Expressions – CCD’s Adaptive Dance Program

Ballet Expressions is an inclusive program with a specifically designed adaptive curriculum, which provides children of ALL abilities with a therapeutic dance experience. Students are given the tools for a successful exploration of dance while being in a safe environment. Students will gain increased body awareness, develop fundamental motor skills, improve self-esteem, concentration and focus, and have fun expressing themselves creatively. Classes are taught by Heather Sutton  – registered dance/movement therapist with degrees in Special Physical Education & Motor Development and Somatic Counseling Psychotherapy.

Each 30-45 minute class is targeted based on age and ability, as determined by the instructor. All classes are on Thursday afternoons. Ballet Expressions is appropriate for ages 6+. 

Each May, students are invited to participate in a year-end Gala celebration held at Colorado Conservatory of Dance. Students will be able to perform for their friends and family and celebrate their achievements in dance. Gala information will be made available in February.

To register for Ballet Expressions, please contact CCD at either 303.466.5685 or email

2019-2020 Adaptive Dance Schedule

GALA represents a class that will perform in CCD’s Ballet Expressions Gala year-end performance on May 16, 2020.

Want to view CCD’s entire class schedule? Click here to view and print.

Thursday Class Schedule
Ballet Expressions 5 (GALA) 3:00-3:45pm Studio 1
Ballet Expressions 1 (GALA) 4:00-4:30pm Studio 4.5
Ballet Expressions 2 (GALA) 4:30-5:00pm Studio 4.5
Ballet Expressions 3 (GALA) 5:00-5:45pm Studio 4.5
Ballet Expressions 4 (GALA) 5:45-6:30pm Studio 4.5
Ballet Expressions Jazz (GALA) 6:30-7:00pm Studio 4.5

Tuition for Adaptive Dance – we proudly offer a 10% discount for Ballet Expressions Students. Please call to enroll for the 2019-2020 season. 

Hours Per Week Regular Tuition Per Month 10% Discount Applied
.5 $31.00 $27.90
.75 $46.00 $41.40
1 $63.00 $56.70
1.25 $67.00 $60.30
1.5 $83.00 $74.70
2 $119.00 $107.10
2.5 $146.00 $131.40
3 $173.00 $155.70

Adaptive Dance Dress Code

There is no formal dress code for Ballet Expressions. We recommend comfortable dance or exercise apparel that allows free movement. Ballet shoes are recommended for ballet class. Hair pulled back from face.

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