At the Colorado Conservatory of Dance, we believe in the healthy, well rounded dancer.  Through our Wellness program, located on site at the CCD studios, students have the opportunity to take care of their bodies and minds.  Whether its cross training in pilates or visiting our masseuse after a grueling performance weekend, students can strengthen their technique and stay healthy for the long run.  Students also have access to highly trained physical therapists, as well as on site counselors in our Wellness Center to support students through all parts of their life.

The greater vision of the Wellness Center here at CCD is two-fold.  First, to provide a full complement of supportive services to CCD's dancers and families.  And second, to serve the community at large at a rate structure which makes health and wellness affordable for all.

Pilates  |  Massage  |  Counseling  |  Physical Therapy

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Pricing for Treatments and Services

Item Time & Amount Pricing
Pilates: drop-in 30 minutes $30
Pilates: drop-in 60 minutes $50
Pilates: punchcard (3) 30 minutes $80
Pilates: punchcard (3) 60 minutes $135
Fascial Distortion 15 minutes $40
Fascial Distortion 30 minutes $60
Massage: Sports-Dancer 15 minutes $15
Massage: Sports-Dancer 30 minutes $25
Massage: Therapeutic 60 minutes $55
Massage: Therapeutic 75 minutes $65
Massage: Therapeutic 90 minutes $80


Evolved from concepts and movement techniques created by Joseph H. Pilates more than 80 years ago, the Pilates Method dramatically improves core strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture.  It creates a body with elongated muscles, flat abdominals, and a strong back.  With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing, the participant gains improved body awareness, balance in muscle strength and flexibility.

The workout is surprisingly relaxing and revitalizing due to the synchronized breathing. It can be modified for mothers-to-be, yet challenging enough for the super-fit. Pilates has both mat work (exercises on the floor) and apparatus work. Both can be individualized, therefore the outcomes work for everyone, regardless of age or conditioning level.

To set up an appointment, call 303-466-5685.

Cancellation Policy: If given more than 24 hours notice, students will be able to reschedule their lesson without penalty.  If less than 24 hours notice, students will be required to pay for their lesson.


At CCD, our goal is to keep students of all ages happy, healthy, and dancing.  Massage is an incredible tool for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the muscular and skeletal systems.  It has been shown to speed up the body's natural recovery process, prevent injuries, and aid in the healing process of minor soft tissue injuries.

Sports / Dancer Massages are a little different than a massage you might receive at a spa. These sessions are not usually full-body massages, instead focusing on one or two major areas of concern for the dancer. These massages are also more about warming the body up for class/rehearsal, increasing range of motion in joints, loosening muscle adhesion.  Massages also include assisted stretching and active participation from the client.  Clients remain fully dressed (not using draping techniques as in a Swedish massage) in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, and lotion will only be used on areas if needed.

Regular Therapeutic massages are also available for adults (18+ years old). These are a great way to address any long-standing issues of tension you've been dealing with, or just a great way to escape with some personal time while you're little ones are in class.

For all student massages (under 18 years old), a parent is required to be present during the session. If you have any other questions or concerns about the service, please don't hesitate to ask!

Massage Services limited to students in levels E - G.  These dancers will be offered a Dancer Massage, unless other treatment options are needed. All adults (18+ years old), can receive any services offered.

Payments are made directly to the therapist and can be in cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)

Appointments can be made through the front desk at CCD.  To make an appointment, email us at info@ccdance.org, call 303-466-5685, or stop by the front desk!


New Vision Counseling serves adolescents through adults.  Counselors have experience working in the areas of grief, anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, adjustment to life changes (divorce, injury, disability, etc.), the development of self-confidence, and issues around body image and eating disorders.

CCD students and community members are invited to make appointments with our on site counselor.  To make counseling services as easy to obtain as possible, appointments are available during the daytime, evenings and weekends.

More so, counselors will offer educational seminars for parents and students throughout the year.

To schedule an appointment, please call 720-383-3576.


For CCD students and families: $50 per hour session

For community members: $70 per hour session

Special rates available for scholarship students

Our counseling center also offers support groups for all dancers and their families, not just those dancing at CCD.  Beginning Thursday, October 10th, CCD will begin offering "SPRAIND," a support group for dancers working through injuries.  It's a place to share thoughts and feelings, obtain support from fellow dancers, and learn new skills to help move forward.

Meetings will be Thursdays in the CCD Wellness Center.

For more information, or to register, contact our counselor Chris at charbisonnv@gmail.com.

Educational Seminars

To schedule an educational seminar, please contact Chris at charbisonnv@gmail.com

For a listing of current seminars, please visit our Events page.

Physical Therapy

At CCD, we have several on site physical therapists who work closely with students of all ages and their families to build the strongest, healthiest dancers possible.  As part of their dance education, students are encouraged to meet regularly with a physical therapist not only to rehabilitate, but to prevent injuries from happening, increase flexibility and mobility, and to keep dancers happy and healthy.

This service is offered to current CCD students and their families.  Physical therapists are in studio year-round to support CCD dancers of all ages.

To make an appointment, visit or call the front desk at 303.466.5685.


For physical therapy schedules, please contact the front desk at CCD at info@ccdance.org or 303-466-5685.


$25 per half hour session for CCD students and families