Professionals Program Faculty

Kat Gurley

Kat Gurley / Wild Heart (Tuesdays & Thursdays, on-going)

Class Description | Tuesday: Wild Heart’s advanced/professional contemporary modern class explores a more animalistic and energetic approach to dance.  This class is highly physical, challenging long-held levels of comfort and understanding of dance to awaken undiscovered capacities within each dancer.  It uses more traditional modern dance modalities as well as more contemporary and improvisational structures to awaken the animal body.  It uses a strong rhythmical base as well as a play between raw power and release to get each dancer invested in not only individual experience but also the generosity necessary for connection to one another.  This class welcomes and encourages all advanced/professional level movers looking to dance with a fullness and freedom discovered through challenge and growth.

Class Description | Thursday: Wild Heart’s intermediate/advanced contemporary modern class will explore the power of play as a means to unlock the body’s capabilities to dance from a place without fear.  It uses various techniques based in modern, improvisation and rhythm to strengthen efficiency and execution of movement.  This class will encourage not only the technical dancer within each of us but the playful and exuberant spirit as well.  This class welcomes and encourages all intermediate and advanced movers that are looking to delve into and strengthen their capabilities as dancers, as well as fall in love with themselves as movers of spirit. Come and dance with us!

Bio: Kat Gurley got her BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is currently on faculty at Naropa University.  She is artistic director of Wild Heart Dance and dances for New Breed, a jazz-fusion company based in Boulder, CO.  She also enjoys doing pick up work in the Denver/Boulder area for a variety of companies.  Previous to moving back to Colorado, Kat directed the dance department at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA and danced for Heddy Maalem, a French based choreographer.  In the past, Kat could be seen dancing with Skeleton Dance Project, an afro-modern dance company, and Kissidugu, a contemporary West African dance company, both based in Boulder, CO.  She also danced with EBA, a modern dance company in Albany, NY.  Kat feels passionately about the education of the body through dance and has a deep love for dance and all of its manifestations.

Patrick Mueller

Patrick Mueller (Fridays, on-going)

Class Description: These classes approach dance technique functionally, focusing on cleaning fundamental coordinations and attaining movement facility and ease through exercises that balance control and propulsion with release and momentum. Anatomical information about hard and soft structures inform the practice. The class builds from a gentle, introspective warm-up to challenging phrasework demanding fierce athleticism and refined artistry.

Bio: Patrick Mueller is a Lead Faculty member at Colorado Conservatory of Dance. He’s the founder and Artistic Director of Control Group Productions, a dance-theatre / total performance company based in Denver. Over the last five years he founded and directed two black box performance venues – work|space Denver and The Packing House Center for the Arts – where he presented other artists, directed Residency and Education programs, and created original works with Control Group.

He has performed professionally with dance companies in Germany, Denmark, New York, San Francisco, and Denver, working primarily collaboratively on original pieces that cross boundaries between dance, theatre, and performance art. Over his career he has toured to a dozen countries on three continents, and extensively through out the Eastern United States. His teaching approach amalgamates experiences from many different movement and somatic practices, including Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, releasing techniques, traditional modern dance, yoga, kung fu, and Parkour.