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Conservatory Summer Interim Classes

Level: Advanced

If you are like many young dancers, the idea of taking even a week off from dance makes you nervous and cranky! So what should you do to avoid major dance withdrawal between regular classes and summer intensives? Come take interim classes and stay in shape! 

June 4 – June 15, 2018


11:00am-12:30pm  –  Advanced Division Ballet Technique

12:30-1:15pm Advanced Division Pointe

1:30-3:00pm – Intermediate Division Ballet Technique


4:00-5:30pm – Intermediate Division Ballet Technique

5:30-7:00pm –  Advanced Division Ballet Technique


July 30 – August 10, 2018


4:00-5:30 Intermediate Division Ballet Technique

5:30-7:00 Advanced Division Ballet Technique

7:00-7:45pm Advanced Division Pointe



4:00-5:30 Intermediate Division Ballet Technique

5:30-7:00 Advanced Division Ballet Technique


Summer Intensive Punch cards are available for purchase by the hour and are available at the front desk. 

15 Hour Interim Punch Card – $253

9 Hour Interim Punch Card – $161

6 Hour Interim Punch Card – $113

Drop in – 1 Hr Class $19

All Interim Class Punch Cards will expire on August 11, 2018

Great reasons to take our Interim classes:

  • Maintain your level of training! Without interim classes, you may go weeks at a time without a class! This is a very bad idea for dancers who are en pointe, and not advisable for any dancer who wants to maintain technique over the summer.
  • Get ready for fall auditions! You want to look your best when you audition for CCD’s The Nutcracker – the way to do this is to take class consistently throughout the summer!
  • Meet summer training requirements! Dancers who are planning to participate in The Nutcracker or CCD’s Studio Company must meet summer training requirements. Interim classes count toward these requirements. 

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