How to Enroll

Interested in enrolling in a class at CCD?  Follow these simple steps below and we'll have you dancing in no time!

  1. Fill out a Pre-Registration Form.  In this form, you'll let us know how old your student is, what type of experience he or she has had (if any), along with any other information you would like us to know.
  2. A CCD staff member will contact you to set up a trial class (if your dancer is over the age of 6).  This class is designed to be an opportunity for a CCD director to assess your student to assure they are placed in the most appropriate level.  This is also an opportunity for your dancer to assess if our program is the best fit for he or she.  If your dancer is under the age of 6, he or she will be placed in one of our Early Dance classes, based on age without an assessment, but are still welcome to do a trial class prior to enrolling, free of charge.  Adults are also welcome to do a trial class prior to enrolling or purchasing a class card, free of charge.  Adult students will not be assessed and are welcome to any class within the Adult Program.
  3. After your dancer receives his or her assessment, you can enroll your student by visiting the front desk, call us at 303-466-5685, or email us at

The School of BNC

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our School Policies and Tuition Information prior to your first class.  Please note that CCD does have a specific dress code and hair guide for our students.  This is not enforced for your trial class, but will be enforced once your dancer is enrolled.

Questions?  Visit us at the front desk, give us a call at 303-466-5685, or email us at!