Build the Future


As a nonprofit, we rely on grants, sponsors, and generous donations from individuals to keep our organization running smoothly. Your contributions sustain and grow our school and community programs, and allow us to enrich more lives through innovation in dance everyday through our 3 main facets:

The School: At CCD, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality dance education at the most affordable rates.  Offering over 100 classes per week, students of all ages and levels are able to become a part of the CCD family.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience high quality, engaging, and kinesthetically accurate movement.


Community Programs: Reaching over 25,000 individuals every year, CCD's Community Programs are designed to bring dance and movement to schools, festivals, museums, assisted living facilities, and events throughout the Denver metro area.  Our elementary school partnership program bring movement into the classroom - collaborating with teachers, CCD instructors teach elements of the Colorado state curriculum through movement.  Since 2006, our anti-bullying ballet has been seen by over 20,000 students and has been featured in the Denver Post.  Your donations allow us to provide programs such as these free of charge.


Scholarships: Last year, CCD provided over $70,000 in scholarships to students.  These scholarships included tuition assistance, access to food and snacks, dance attire, and dance shoes.  With your donation, students who would otherwise not be able to dance are exposed to the arts and, in that, a future of higher education.


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As a thank you for your generous donations, we also offer CCD Insider memberships.  These memberships come with various benefits, including tickets to our events and performances, an invitation to our Dance Nerd speaker series, and perhaps even having a studio named after you!

Click here for CCD Insider information.


Escrip is a fundraising program that allows merchants you shop with to contribute a percentage of your purchases to the organization of your choice.

  • We earn up to 16% of your purchases from over 1,000 name brand merchants.
  • You shop from the same websites you know and trust and pay exactly the same price.
  • The specific items you buy are not recorded in any way, just the total you spent from each merchant so you can earn contributions.

Merchants include Amazon, Expedia, Apple Store, and many others. Some of the participating merchants are already sponsoring us in other ways such as Home Depot, The Container Store, Target, and Starbucks to name a few.

Just follow the link below!

King Soopers Cards

Shop at King Soopers?  Purchase a preloaded King Soopers card at the CCD front desk.  Head to your local King Soopers, load your card, then use the card to purchase your groceries.  You'll get great products and 5% of your entire purchase will be given back to CCD!  Visit the front desk for more information or to purchase a card.

Wish List

Want to see your generous contribution in use?  At CCD, we keep a running wish list of all the items that we can use to make our school, our community programs, and our wellness center even better.  Click here to view our current wish list.  Such a wonderful way to support your favorite nonprofit!