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Adults Class Schedule
All classes except workshops are drop-in available with a Class Card (for purchase at the front desk).

Ballet Fundamentals

A gentle class that will teach you the need-to-know basics—perfect for beginners with no experience.

Beginning Ballet

An invigorating ballet class for adults who are beyond the basics.

Beginning/Intermediate Ballet

A gentle but challenging ballet class for adults who have a moderate level of experience.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

An exciting and fast-paced class for experienced ballet students.

Beginning/Intermediate Tap

A fun, rhythmic class, Adult Beginning/Intermediate Tap is perfect for adults new to dance or those with experience in other dance forms who would like to learn the basics of tap.


Go barefoot and get grounded. Learn the ins & outs of a basic modern class – fall, recover, suspend, contract, release, and much more.

Power Hour (various levels)

A series of hour-long classes offered throughout the week at convenient times for busy lives.

Complete Fall/Spring Schedule.

Dance: Found

A workshop series designed to let adult dancers go deeper into their studies.  Students will spend 6-week sessions focusing on various elements of dance, culminating in an optional adult performance on March 14, 2015.

September 6 October 11
Choreography: Work with CCD Lead Faculty and Dance:Found Program Director Patrick Mueller on how to bring your choreographic vision to life. Starting with a concept or originating idea, we'll explore different ways of creating movement and phrases, play with how we put ideas together in space and time, and develop finished products to put on stage at the Dance:Found Mixer (held in the evening on the final class day - October 11). This workshop is a safe space to create, be created on, learn, and let your inner artist free!

Note: If you want the opportunity to choreograph in the 2015 Dance: Found performance, make sure you take this choreographic workshop!

October 18 November 22
Classical Repertory: Deepen your dance abilities and knowledge by learning and performing excerpts from several ballet classics! This year's project is  "Americana" - a dance inspired by the works of Agnes DeMille, George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, and Twyla Tharp. From cowgirls to the Beach Boys, "Americana" promises to be a rousing ode to our nation's rich ballet history. The finished work will be performed at the Dance:Found 2015 performances on March 7-8. Taught by Karen Shanley.

January 17 February 21
Contemporary Repertory: Participate in the creation of a new dance! In a collaborative process with instructor Patrick Mueller, we'll work through personal assignments to create a work in the dance-theatre style. The theme of the work will develop in dialog with participants, looking for common threads within individual experiences. The finished work will be performed at the Dance:Found 2015 performances on March 7-8.

Professionals Program

Serving the greater dance community throughout the Denver metro area, CCD's Professionals Program offers local dance professionals affordable rentals, daily technique classes, and long term residencies within CCD.  Designed to support local artists, this program reflects CCD's commitment to building and sustaining the arts within our community.  Click here for more information and to see a class schedule.