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Accelerate! Division – Ages 9 and Older

A program unique to CCD, Accelerate! is specifically designed to help pre-teens and teens jump into ballet through an accelerated learning process. Before they know it, they are prepared to integrate into our Intermediate Division.

Suggested number of classes for Accelerate! Division students include 2 ballet classes, with boys taking with the Accelerate Boys class plus Boys 2. If students wish to enroll in a jazz class, students are required to take 2 ballet classes per week. 


2017-2018 Season Schedule for our Accelerate! Classes.

Monday Tuesday Thursday
Accelerate 2 Ballet


Page Jenkins

Accelerate Boys Ballet


Caitlin Ayres

Accelerate 1* Ballet

(*Spring Only)


Caitlin Ayres

Intermediate 1/2 Jazz


Chris Harris

Accelerate 2 Ballet


Caitlin Ayres

Boys 2


Caitlin Ayres

Students in the Accelerate! Division will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level by one of our Lead Faculty. If you are a new student, please submit our Class Assessment Form for a trial class. You may also call 303.466.5685 and speak to one of our Lead Faculty. If you are a returning student, please log on to your Student/Parent Portal to register for classes. Upon registration, each student will pay a $35 Registration Fee, siblings will pay $10.

Want to view CCD’s entire class schedule? Click here to view and print.


Accelerate! Division Tuition Information

Hours Per Week Per Hour Per Month Semester  Semester  5% Discount paid by August 1 & Dec 23rd
.5 $15.00 $29 $143 $135
.75 $15.00 $43 $214 $203
1 $15.25 $58 $290  $275
1.25 $13.00 $62 $309  $293
1.5 $13.50 $77 $385  $366
2 $14.50 $110 $551  $523
2.5 $14.25 $135 $677  $643
3 $14.00 $160 $798  $758
3.5 $13.75 $183 $914  $869
4 $13.50 $205 $1,026  $975
5 $13.00 $247 $1,235  $1,173
6 $12.50 $285 $1,425  $1,354
7 $12.00 $319 $1,596  $1,516


Dress Code for Accelerate! Division Students 

Leotard (Ladies) Plain & unadorned black or pink leotard
Shirt (Men) Plain white short sleeve crew-neck t-shirt (no logos)
Tights Ladies – Pink full-footed ballet tights (no footless or rolled-up tights)
Men – Opaque black dance tights or black dance leggings over black socks
Shoes Ladies– Pink leather ballet shoes with full sole
Men – Black leather ballet shoes with full sole
Hair Ladies – Bun with hairnet, bobby pins and hair clips (no bangs or wispies)
Men – Short and neat, or pulled into a ponytail if long
Hair Ladies – Bun with hairnet, bobby pins and hair clips (no bangs or wispies)
Men – Short and neat, or pulled into a ponytail if long
Jazz (Ladies & Men) Dress code + black jazz pants and black jazz shoes
Modern (Ladies & Men) Dress code + black jazz pants and bare feet
Tap (Ladies & Men) Dress code + low-heeled tap shoes
A Special Note for Girls/Young ladies Girls’ tights serve as underwear beneath their leotards, be sure to buy dance tights which have a cotton crotch. Underwear inhibit movement and are not allowed under tights. We know this can be a bit of a surprise for younger dancers, but they adjust quickly.
A Special Note for Boys/Young Men Boys and men should always wear dance briefs or a dance belt under their tights. These items serve the same purpose as a jockstrap and protect a male dancer from injury. You can purchase dance briefs and dance belts from Boulder Body Wear.

Help avoid an uncomfortable situation for your dancer by explaining these aspects of ballet dress code ahead of time, and arrive to class in proper attire. This will also prepare them for our year-end Gala and other performances as they progress.

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